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by Seronia Merritt


            At the past gathering of adventurers in Blackstone, the Lord of Saxony, one Lord Rawling, declared that he no longer wished to be a part of Blackstone and was therefore initiating a war of secession.  Lord Rawling’s troops, which appeared to be strange hybrids of several types of creatures, consistently attacked the town of Whitestaff during the day, but were not able to enjoy much success against the adventurers present.

            Late in the evening of October 25th, a local wild elf tribe reported that they had spotted one of Lord Rawling’s camps, and agreed to provide archery cover for an assault on the camp, if the adventurers wished to make the assault.  The adventurers agreed, and everything was set up.

            Lord Rawling’s camp was where not only Lord Rawling himself was hiding, but also he had a beholder and a dragon mage to defend it.  While the adventurer Glenn Stormwolf and others assaulted the building that contained Lord Rawling himself, as well as his dragon mage, the Lord Springshire of Therendry assaulted and defeated the beholder that was present at the camp.

            Lord Springshire then moved to assist Glenn Stormwolf in taking out Lord Rawling and the dragon mage, but the two of them disappeared into a rift between the planes.  When they re-appeared, Lord Rawling slayed Lord Springshire with instant death gas poison.  However, Lord Springshire received a life spell, and then defeated Lord Rawling’s dragon mage.  With nowhere left to run, Lord Rawling was soon taken out by a group of adventurers, and his Whitestaff area base camp destroyed.

            The war, though, is still raging, as all indications are that Lord Rawling successfully resurrected, and his Saxon mutated troops continue to assault Blackstone’s borders.


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