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Update - 607 ER: Evendarr Museum Robbery Suspects Named!
By Salee Parknat

    In an unprecidented twist, this reporter has found some exciting news about the robbery of heirlooms and artifacts from the Evendarr Museum in July 604. Not only has the kingdom of Avendale and the Kingdom of Evendarr had adventurers and nobles hot on the trail, but adventurers and nobles from Stonegate, a neighboring kingdom, have also gotten involved.

I was lucky enough to be standing in His Majesties hall when he called to order a meeting with a Noble from within the Orchestra. He has excplained that they retrieved several items and administered appropriate justice to several individuals for theft against the kingdom and treason for attempting to thwart the lawful governing body in its efforts to retrieve stolen goods.

    There are conflicting stories about the background of the museum robberies. Maybe I should I say multiple stories, in this several year long saga. Some say that it was an inside job, some say it wasn't. Some say it was a comination of inside job from multiple companies, allowing things to go unseen at the rightr time on the right day.

Our sister kingdom, Avendale, has gotten involved because of a very wealthy and extravagant merchant by the name of Adonis Breemen. Adonis has traveled Avendale, Kincora, Therendry, Elysia, Greyhorn, selling magic items and formal components. He also specializes in protection of merchant wagons but I will leave that one for the sheriff and magistrate to uncover.

The Kingdom of Stonegate got involved when one or more adventurers helped Sir Tivorak in Greyhorn. There are conflicting stories here too. some say that Sir Tivorak had his papers stolen from his Manor House and that the names of his allies and informants were included, and they are being hunted down by unlawfuls and their assassin squads. other stories say that the old Knight, Sir Tivorak, will use his connections to undead and his own personal assassin squad, to get every last one of the criminals no matter where they travel too. When I approached Sir Tivorak's squires and servants, they told me that Sir Tivorak had no time for me.

I shall add more drawings of the items stolen from the museum as I acquire more time to stencil over the originals that they have with the royal magistrate.

604 August: Evendarr City Museum Robbed!
y Salee Parknat

            On August 14, 604 ER, one of the most prominent Evendarrian Museums, The Moosejaw Gallery, announced that more than a dozen items are missing from their storage vault. The last inventory was completed in October 603, with all heirlooms accounted for within the grand storage area of the museum – an area off limits to all but a few people.

            According to sources close the museum, an individual tried to sell an item to a gallery curator. When the curator, Lady Alanna Xertina, heard what the items was, she immediately contacted a Royal Knight, Sir Tomas Gillian, who posed in guardsmen clothing and went with lady Alanna to meet with the seller. Traveling to the common sector outside Evendarr City, they were able to find inn where they were to meet. After introductions, they began to negotiate the purchase of the object - a pair of gold candle holders made by the renowned Master Craftsmen Carey Krimson. Carey donated the candle holders to the Evendarrian Orphanage, who in turn gave them to the museum for a yearly stipend for the orphanage. After agreeing on 37 gold, the thief went into the other room and returned with the candle holders. The candle holders were taken back to the gallery and verified against drawings. Following this incident, the security advisor chose to close the gallery, and perform yet another physical inventory. Sir Tomas Gillian and several of his followers raided the tavern within hours, capturing eight individuals and numerous stolen goods - the Inn being a front for the underground market of stolen goods.

            The last known attempt at thievery in the Moosejaw Gallery was in April of 602, when a rogue hid inside the gallery and managed to pry a painting of a great dwarven battle, The Great Defeat, from the wall. The thief hadn’t taken into account that several curators were still within the building and was noticed when he moved toward the door to exit. The thief was arrested after a small chase through Evendarr City.

            It has been confirmed that none of the missing items were being presented in the public gallery, but taken from the storage rooms. Most gallery pieces are on display for 2 or 3 months and remain in their storage case the remainder of the year. Several cases were found to be empty after a complete review of inventory was completed.

            The royal inquisitors are searching far and wide for the stolen museum items, dispatched in early September. If they are anything like Sir Tivorak Nobel, they will stop at nothing until they find the missing items. When asked about the incident, Sir Tivorak said “We will find the stolen items, and the band that stole them. And we will punish them. They know we are coming and there is no where they can hide.”

            The Museum has not divulged exactly what items are missing as of yet, but rumors are rampant that they are gifts from donors spanning the entire continent of Avalon and in some cases, beyond. The museum retains many items that have made their way to the Royal Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences on Lake Hollym, as well as items that are gifted for a small period of time, say 3 to 5 years, at which they will move on to another gallery in another great city, for all the people to see and learn of its history.

            Empty cases were found for gifts from the former queen of Myanthea, the former duke of Ashbury Alaric Dragonheart, several items gifted by Baron Cecil Eastwyck and Mandrake Capulus of Ravenholt in 525, a family heirloom given from the Varik family in Nordenn, the former duke of Volta, at least 2 items gifted by Duke Argent Voltan of Volta, a gift from the Kingdom of Kaurath from years past, and a tall Flowery Candle holder from the Pinetree Elves of Therendry. We have not been able to confirm rumors that the ‘Dragon Armor’ of Jonathon Chalendry, an historian who once led the expedition into Rockshire, was stolen, which is rumored to have been made with magically enchanted lizard scavenger scales that allow the wearer immunity to normal and silver weapons. Several white Bows were stolen, many of them being very important to Draelonde and Quentari. More than a half dozen weapons were stolen as well, along with the weapon case. All of the weapons taken had runic writings upon them and were in immaculate shape, well oiled and strengthened to resist destruction.

            Rumor has it that the current list of suspects is EVERYONE in Evendarr City. However, reliable sources indicate that they are searching for individuals who were among the visitors to the museum in the past 12 months. Scribes have made duplicates of the logs of attendance to the museum, including all of those individuals who made donations.

            One of the current theories speculates that the items were taken during one of the last several private showings that closed the museum to the public. This particular gallery is known for closing to the public for a month, several times each year, to accept gifts and donations to the museum, and finally, to return items to their owners. It is during these periods that certain items in the storage cellar would be brought forth to be seen.

We shall report more as we learn it.

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