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by Seronia Merritt
October 603ER


            On the 20th of October in the year 603, the Blackstone fugitive known only as Adder kidnapped Exeter Guildmistress Mirage Sandchaser.  Adder was pursued by Sheriff Glenn Stormwolf of Therendry and a host of other adventurers.  Guildmistress Mirage was finally recovered on October 24th with the help of a large snake scavenger, who had apparently been pursuing Adder as well.  The location where the Guildmistress was found was just outside of the town of Whitestaff.  Apparently, Adder had stolen a vial of blood from her to be used in some type of ritual, but details on the ritual are not available at this time.

            On that same night, the 24th, a group of adventurers was traveling back to their lodging when they were attacked by Adder.  Adder successfully managed to take down the adventurer Fenrir, a member of House Therenstar, and almost managed to take down the adventurer John Little, another member of the same House.  However, the other adventurers present managed to drive Adder back off into the woods, and Fenrir and John Little were both saved.

            Adder finally made his mistake on the 25th, when he attacked the adventurer Sathen Gor, right in front of Lord Springshire of Therendry and two of his companions.  The Lord Springshire made short work of Adder, and then imprisoned him so that he could be brought to justice.

            However, a villain named Racer dispelled the imprison on Adder and allowed the fugitive to again escape.  Racer himself got away as well, and is considered armed and dangerous at present.  Fortunately, though, the Lord Springshire, with help from the excellent eyesight of Rastlin Dawnware, managed to again find, subdue, and imprison Adder.

            Yet again, though, someone dispelled the imprison.  This time it is not clear who did so, and an investigation into the incident proved fruitless.  Luckily, though, the Lord Springshire managed to again subdue Adder, and this time Adder was promptly thrown inside a ward to keep him locked up.

            According to Sir Delwyn, a Knight of Blackstone, Adder was re-taken into custody after the gathering and should not escape again.


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