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by Seronia Merritt

On the afternoon of August 21, 604, adventurers on the island of Trulam off the coast of Richland discovered a cave near the shoreline. Being curious creatures by nature, the adventurers decided to explore the cave. Inside, they discovered a group of fire elementals living there.

When the adventurers asked the fire elementals for their story, they had it explained to them that the elementals used to live in an elemental tower deep in the woods of Trulam. The leader of the fire elementals was a powerful fire elemental named Arolyn. One day, however, a stranger showed up on the island named Trulab. He promised Arolyn great power, and began to bend Arolynís will towards his own means. Some of the fire elementals resisted, and were cast out of the tower. Those were the fire elementals that came to live in the cave.

The exact purpose of the tower is unknown, but it is believed that with the fire tower and three other elemental towers that are scattered throughout Therendry operating together, a nexus can be formed that would unleash some great power into the world. It is believed to be this power that Trulab is aiming for.

The adventurers of Therendry decided to attempt to stop Arolyn and Trulab, and so they gathered a force together to attack the tower. You see, even though the tower is hidden by magic, every once in a while a portal opens that is able to grant people access to the tower. It was this portal that the adventurers used to attack.

The adventurers fought through four fierce levels of resistance before they came to Arolyn at the top. Surprisingly, Trulab was not with him. It has been speculated that Trulab was overconfident and did not think that anyone would bother to attack Arolyn, but there is no definitive proof of Trulabís intents.

While Arolyn himself was a very powerful fire elemental, he was eventually defeated, and the tower was reclaimed by the fire elementals from the cave. They promise to reconstruct the tower and aid in the fight against Trulab. What the future will hold, though, no one can know.

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