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by Seronia Merritt

At the August 20-22, 604, adventurer gathering in Therendry, the County of Richland, and more specifically the Lady Contessa de’ Genovia, asked adventurers to come help in reclaiming the island of Trulam, which had been captured by pirates during the Therendry Civil War. A force of adventurers led by His Excellency Count Valoric Treehawke of Stormcross County answered the call, and crossed over by boat to the island on the night of August 20th. They were under strict orders to offer all pirates a chance to revoke their evil ways. If the pirates accepted, they would become privateers in the navy of Richland. If the pirates did not accept, they would be killed.

A few pirates accepted, but for the most part they refused. They threw themselves at the adventurers time and time again, but thanks to a strong front line of Baron Zug De’Kiernan of the Barony of Havencrest, Sir Corin Sunliner of the Duchy of Therendry, and Sir Strider De’Kiernan of the Duchy of Blackstone, the pirates were repulsed time and time again.

As the adventurers made their way off the docks and onto the mainland, the attacks went from being straight on assaults to guerilla tactics instead. The pirates continued to pop out of the woods to attack unsuspecting adventurers, but usually the adventurers were able to hold them off. Eventually, the adventurers were able to re-take the island’s tavern, and then move on to re-taking cabins.

As it turned out, these ventures were not without risks. Most of the cabins were trapped, and so Count Stormcross sent out small groups to check the cabins. After the cabins were found to be safe, wards were thrown up, and at least the port area was secured.

The following day, Squire Kyth Wild of Richland arrived, and was immediately promoted to a knight by Lord Urbino de’ Genovia. Now being Sir Kyth Wild, he took over most of the day to day logistics on the island as Count Stormcross made his way back to the mainland.

Isolated pirate attacks occurred from there on out, including an attempt on the ship that Lord Urbino was using, but these attacks were put down, and the resistance, while certainly still present, has become largely contained by the adventurers of Therendry.

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