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By Seronia Merritt
September 603ER


            When the adventurers gathered in Therendry from September 5-7, 603, one of their primary purposes was to recover the lost daughter of Count de Genovia.  You see, at the previous gathering, a fiend by the name of Velwerzin had used a hoardling’s rifting capabilities to kidnap the Count’s daughter.  He then posted an announcement saying that on the night of Friday, September 5, he would sell off the Count’s daughter to the highest bidder as a slave.

            The adventurers of town showed up at the auction to try and rescue the Count’s daughter, but it turned out that Velwerzin had his bases covered.  The girl was not there, and would be brought in only when a bidder won the auction.  The task of the adventurers was made even more complicated by the presence of the foul vampire Mandrake.

            The auction took a great while to start, and when it did, disaster struck.  A being, which Lord Zug later termed an “infernal creature,” showed up with two of its minions, and together they walked right through Velwerzin’s circle.  While the adventurers stood there shouting at Verwerzin to drop his circle, the infernal creature placed his hand around Velwerzin’s neck and demanded to know the location of the girl.  It is not known as of this writing why the infernal creature wanted the Count’s daughter.

            Apparently, though, Velwerzin must have revealed the location of the Count’s daughter, because the infernal creature released him and strode out of the circle.  The adventuring community immediately attacked the infernal creature and his minions.  They managed to take down the minions, but the infernal creature made it away.  News came back later that evening that the infernal creature had stolen the girl from where Velwerzin was keeping her and he now had control of her.

            Late on Saturday night, the 6th of September, word came to the adventuring community as to where the infernal creature’s lair was.  Marshalling most of the town, His Grace Duke Pinetree and His Excellency Lord Zug led an expedition to the hideout.  When the rescue party arrived, they found that it was infested with undead and minions that looked very much like the infernal creature itself.  They also found that the infernal creature had the Count’s daughter in a circle, where he apparently planned to do some type of ritual on her.

            The rescue party fought valiantly, but it looked for a time as if it may not be enough.  The adventurers were down to their last few people when suddenly the circle began to flicker and fade.  Using the temporary distraction, Lord Zug and Guildmistress Parthynia were able to get the Count’s daughter to safety while His Grace Duke Pinetree stayed behind to make sure that the infernal creature was dealt with.

            Later that evening, perhaps an hour after the battle began, Lord Zug and Guildmistress Parthynia brought the Count’s daughter back to her father, who was in a might vessel anchored in the harbor near Calais.  It was a happy reunion, and everyone was relieved to see the girl back with the Count de Genovia.


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