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The Timeline History of the Kingdom of Evendarr

As chronicled by the Royal Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences

Lake Hollym,

Janitra, Kingdom of Evendarr.


Y.R. 1 - The Kingdom of Evendarr is established with the Union Treaty of Velowyn, in which King Berthold Endarr (age 40) and Queen Merriel Monay (age 35) unite the vassals of the principalities of Endarr, Greymoor, Nevis and Sardonia under one central government.  Berthold and Merriel are jointly crowned as King and Queen of Evendarr.


Y.R. 1 - Berthold Endarr suffers his final death at the hands of assassins hired by the opponents of the Union treaty, and a number of claimants to the Throne arise from several quarters.  Great pressure is put upon Queen Merriel Monay to name Sir Regweld Endarr of Greymoor, the 22 year-old son of Berthold Endarr by his marriage to the late Lady Clothilda Dorsette of Greymoor, as Heir to the throne. Instead, the Queen names their 14 year-old son Berthold Endarr II as Heir and a war of succession begins.


Y.R. 5 - Berthold Endarr II (age 18) marries Dame Chandria Buttons of Endarr.


Y.R. 6 - Berthold Endarr III is born. Queen Merriel Monay dies her final death of old age. King Berthold Endarr II takes over the struggle to put down the insurrection.  However, it continues for the next 10 years until the decisive Battle of the Fire Downs. 


Y.R. 16 - Battle of the Fire Downs.  Legend tells that the Royal Evendarrian Mages were able to call down a great shower of flaming rocks upon the combined forces of Regweld Endarr and 2 other claimants, destroying the enemy to the last fighter.  Since this is also the year of the Change in the Cycle of Ages, popular support for the rebellion all but disappears within weeks and the Throne of Evendarr stays in the hands of King Berthold Endarr II and his successors.  However, there remain a few powerful opponents of the King.


Y.R. 17 – King Berthold Endarr II is poisoned by assassins and dies his final death. Queen Chandria Buttons becomes Regent for the 11-year old Prince, Berthold Endarr III, to the throne.


Y.R. 22 – King Berthold Endarr III reaches majority.  Queen Chandria resigns the Regency and Berthold is coronated as King. 


Y.R. 26 - King Berthold Endarr III marries Dame Myrddain Huntington of Greymoor.   The first exchange of ambassadors is made with the Elven Kingdom of Quentari.


Y.R. 30 - Berthold Endarr IV is born.


Y.R. 32 -  King Berthold Endarr III is permanently killed in an explosion in the Tower of the Royal Mages Guild, in which there were no survivors.  Queen Myrddain becomes Regent for the 2 year-old Prince Berthold.


Y.R. 44 - Berthold Endarr IV is formally named Crown Prince of Evendarr.  At the ceremony the Queen lays 3 Challenges before him which he accepts, declaring that he will not ascend the Throne until he has successfully met them.


Y.R. 45 - Queen Myrddain dies her final death.  She is succeeded by her brother, Lord Andros Huntington, as Regent for the 15 year-old Heir.  Berthold Endarr IV continues his adventures and succeeds in the last of his Challenges in Y. R. 48.   



Y.R.  48 -  Berthold Endarr IV ascends the Throne of Evendarr and reigns for 31 years.  This is the first extended period of stability in the Kingdom's history, and his courage and wisdom in defending and administering the Realm earns him the title of "The Brave". 


Y.R. 53 - Berthold Endarr IV marries the Lady Evlyn Dorsette of Greymoor.  She is the great grand-niece of Regweld and the last of the Dorsettes.  The marriage unites the two families and brings all opposition to the Endarr line to an end. 


Y.R. 55 - Princess Cllotho is born to King Berthold Endarr and Queen Evlyn.


Y.R. 79 - Berthold Endarr IV dies and Cllotho succeeds to the Throne.


Y.R. 80 - Queen Cllotho marries King Hender Blackstone of Blackstone, beginning the expansion of Evendarr.  Evendarr nobles, worried about Hender, demand that Blackstone be made a County.  Hender may never become King of Evendarr himself, but in return, the title of Count of Blackstone will belong to the Heir to the Kingdom, and a Blackstone will always be named Regent.


Y.R. 81 - Ulson Endarr is born to Cllotho and Hender.  Ulson is named for Hender’s father, and called Ulson II & Ulson the Builder.


Y.R. 83 - First battle fought against the Nordenn people, at the northern border of Nevis.


Y.R. 85 - Kitheria, seeing that Blackstone and Evendarr will be a major power once they have settled into their new arrangement, petitions to join the new Kingdom.  They are accepted immediately.


Y.R. 103 - Queen Cllotho Endarr dies, and her son Ulson is crowned Ulson Endarr II, King of Evendarr.


Y.R. 106 - King Ulson Endarr II starts two major works, the Blackstone Military Highway, and Kren Pass.  Kren Pass is to cut through the Arawyn Mountains that divide Blackstone and Kitheria.


Y.R. 107 - A new project is started, moving the seat of government to the newly declared Castle Evendarr, at the source of the Velowyn River.


Y.R. 109 - King Ulson Endarr II marries Lady Ruth Donnavarras, eldest daughter of the Duke of Kitheria.


Y.R. 111 - The Royal Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences is completed at Janitria on Lake Hollym, well away from most of the population of the Kingdom.


Y.R 112 - The Treaty of Arawyn was signed at Saxony Keep, thus incorporating the lands of Saxony into the Kingdom of Evendarr. The Saxony family, in exchange for supplies, man-power and monies to complete work on the Blackstone Highway, is given the new Barony of Arawyn, made up of lands from Blackstone north of the Black River.  Castle Evendarr is completed on May 22nd.  This day is declared Completion Day, and is to be a Kingdom-wide holiday.  Celebration during this first year is delayed to allow word to spread.


Y.R. 117 - The Blackstone Highway is completed, linking Braughm-Raor with the new city of Evendarr.  A ceremonial "last brick" is placed by King Ulson Endarr II himself on May 22nd, Completion Day, to great celebration.


Y.R. 122 - Second battle fought against the Nordenn people, at Battle Downs.


Y.R. 139 - King Ulson Endarr II forms the new Barony of Baltaria, taking half of the land from the Barony of Arawyn, and extending it across the Ash Mountains.  The Saxony family, very angered at the loss of land, rebel against the King of Evendarr. After too much blood is shed, most of it Saxony supporters, peace is restored to the area.


Y.R. 143 - Kren Pass is completed and the workers, mostly Dwarves, are given a year of rest.  Again the project is ceremonially ended on Completion Day, the 22nd day of May.


Y.R. 144 - Dwarves return to work in May, this time on Castle McAlester, which will guard Kren Pass. The Castle is renown for being the most impressive fortification built in Evendarr yet, and architects from around Avalon congregate the area.


Y.R. 156 - King Ulson Endarr II dies, at age 75.  His grandson Mykel Endarr I succeeds him.  King Mykel I offers to name his younger sister, Princess Nicole, as Heir but she refuses, preferring to retain her post as Dean of the Royal College of Healing Arts at Janitria. 


Y.R. 158 - Mykel Endarr I forms the County of Rotaria, organized under the leadership of Charles Rotari.  The new County consists of the Baronies of Nevis and Baltaria. He forms the remaining area of the Endarr plains (the original Kingdom) into the Duchy of Evendarr, under the control of a newly created Duke, Sir Friederich Buttons.


Y.R. 161 - Mykel Endarr I dies in a hunting accident within the estates of Saxony. Lawrence, Mykel’s younger brother, is named his successor, with Princess Nicole to act as Regent until he reaches 16.


Y.R. 174 - King Lawrence Endarr I ascends the throne to the Kingdom of Evendarr.


Y.R. 180 -- Lawrence Endarr marries Dame Lorelei Sachelle of Kitheria.


Y.R. 194 - Therendry receives an invitation to join the Kingdom, and agrees after several months of bitter deliberation among there own nobles, in the councils of the King of Therendry.


Y.R. 197 - Queen Lorelei Sachelle of Kitheria dies.  A year of mourning is declared, and the Completion Day festivities of 198 are cancelled.


Y.R. 199 - Lawrence Endarr I remarries, to Lady Diane De Vitre of Sardonia.  Settlements are begun on the north shores of Lake Hollym.


Y.R. 201 - Forces of Nordenn Vale drive out the Evendarrian settlers.


Y.R. 208 - Count Charles Rotari dies, and is succeeded by his eldest daughter, Anne.


Y.R. 210 - Countess Anne Rotari declares war against the people of Nordenn.  She appoints General Deneb Warwyck to lead the Evendarrian troops.


Y.R. 211 - After more than a year of campaigning, General Warwyck captures all of the lands east of the Green River and north to the Bone Mountains.


Y.R. 212 – Countess Anne Rotari names General Warwyck Baron of the new lands, called Warwyck.  King Lawrence Endarr I names Anne Rotari Duchess of the newly-formed Duchy of Rotaria.


Y.R. 217 - Royal forces complete the conquest of the Nordenn people and extend their claim to the Ash Forest to the west and the Tower Hills to the north.  Baron Deneb Warwyck dies in battle and is succeeded by his son Roland.


Y.R. 227 - Queen Diane De Vitre dies, assassinated by a Saxony, who is executed.


Y.R. 228 - Lawrence remarries, this time to an Elf - Princess Marieden, a niece of the King of Quentari.


Y.R. 232 - Baron Roland Warwyck extends the territory of Warwyck north to the Bay of Pecare and signs a treaty of incorporation with the Elves of the Stonewood Forest.


Y.R. 258 - Lawrence Endarr I dies, at the age of 100.  His Wife, Marieden Endarr succeeds to the throne.


Y.R. 267 - The Second Saxony Revolt occurs, this one mostly successful due to the indifferent rulership of Marieden.  She abdicates in favor of Prince Ulson Endarr III, grandson of Lawrence and Lorelei, who is named King Ulson III at the age of 16.  In a concession, King Ulson II marries Mathea Saxony.


Y.R. 272 – King Ulson III begins the First Northern Campaign in the areas that will become the Barony of Trellheim in the Duchy of Ashbury and Jennith, for which the King is soon called Ulson the Conqueror.


Y.R. 275 - With King Ulson III away on campaign, Queen Mathea Saxony names her brother Robert Saxony to be Count of Blackstone, starting a long hatred between the Blackstone and Saxony families.


Y.R. 285 – King Ulson III returns and removes Robert Saxony from the title of Count Blackstone.  He names his half-cousin, Sir Hendrick Endarr (grandson of Lawrence and Diane), as Heir to the throne


Y. R. 291 - Ulson dies, poisoned by Mathea.  To her surprise, he knew about the plot, and ordered her to be Obliterated and buried at his side upon his death.  King Hendrick Endarr I ascends the throne of Evendarr. 


Y.R. 293 – King Hendrick Endarr I marries Megallen Monay.


Y.R. 297 - Willem Endarr is born to Hendrick and Megallen.


Y.R. 298 - Gynneth Endarr is born to Hendrick and Megallen.


Y.R. 301 - Megallen gives birth to twin daughters Brenna Endarr and Anbrel Endarr.


Y.R. 305 - King Hendrick names Xavier Saxony as Lord Protector of the Duchy of Ashbury. Nicole Endarr is born to Hendrick and Megallen.


Y.R. 308 - Queen Megallen gives birth to Lawrence Endarr.


Y.R. 312 - Ulson Endarr is born to Hendrick and Megallen.


Y.R. 314 - Princess Gynneth marries Damien Saxony, son of Xavier.


Y.R. 316 - Damien Saxony is named the Protector of Ashbury after the death of his father, Zavier Saxony.


Y.R. 339 - Queen Megallen Endarr dies of natural causes.


Y.R. 340 - At the new year's celebration King Hendrick Endarr I announces he is stepping down in favor of his brother Willem. Willem is married to Anoria Blichton and is crowned as King of Evendarr on Completion Day.


Y.R. 345 - Mykel Endarr II is born to Willem I and Anoria. Hendrick Endarr dies.


Y.R. 351 - Queen Anoria dies in the Great Cycle plague.


Y.R.  359 - King Willem dies horribly, and Powell Huntington is named regent. Robert Saxony feels he was slighted by not being chosen as regent. He believes that the Huntingtons have some sway over the Royal family. Robert starts to poison his son Johann's mind against the Huntingtons.


Y.R. 361 - Mykel II comes to his majority and ascends the throne as King Mykel Endarr II.


Y.R. 375 - Despite his father's attitude towards the Huntingtons, Johann becomes enamored with Katherine Huntington


Y.R. 380 – King Mykel Endarr II Marries Katherine Huntington. Johann Saxony becomes embittered toward Queen Katherine Endarr and King Mykel Endarr II, but continues to serve faithfully.


Y.R. 388 - Ambrose Huntington is named Seneschal. Johann is enraged that a Huntington is named Seneschal instead of a Saxony. He decides that his father was right, so he begins to openly plot against the king.  The 3rd Saxony Rebellion begins.


Y.R. 389 - Berthold Endarr VI is born to Queen Katherine and King Mykel Endarr II.


Y.R. 392 - End of the 3rd Saxony Revolt. King Mykel Endarr II is killed. His Wife, Queen Katherine Endarr is named regent for Prince Berthold Endarr VI.


Y.R. 405 - Berthold Endarr VI comes into his majority and ascends the throne.


Y.R. 410 - King Berthold Endarr VI marries Dame Alicia Donnavarras, sister of the Duke of Kitheria.


Y.R. 411 - Brenna Endarr is born to King Berthold Endarr and Queen Alicia.


Y.R. 430 - Brenna Endarr marries Sir Wilfred Buttons of Evendarr.


Y.R. 431 – Brenna, Wilfred Buttons Wife, gives birth to Merriel Buttons.


Y.R. 433 - Triplet sons are born to Brenna and Wilfred Buttons:  Lawrence Buttons, Hendrick Buttons, and Ulson Buttons.


Y.R. 437 - Brenna gives birth to a daughter, Cllotho Buttons.


Y.R. 440 - Brenna gives birth to a son, Andros Buttons.


Y.R. 447 - Merriel Buttons is wed to Alexander Monay thus becoming Merriel Monay II. While travelling on a state visit to Sutherland, Prince Wilfred and all his children are lost at sea. Merriel Monay II is now the only remaining Heir, who could not travel due to a difficult pregnancy.


Y.R. 448 - After a difficult delivery, Merriel Monay II gives birth to Ulson Monay. Princess Brenna also gives birth to Lorelei Endarr.


Y.R. 466 - Berthold Endarr VI dies of a strange illness. An unidentified chambermaid disappears without a trace after being questioned by the Royal Guard.  Brenna takes the throne as Queen Brenna Buttons I.


Y.R. 472 - In an assault on one of the northern estates, Queen Brenna Buttons, Alexander Buttons, and Ulson are all killed by invading Necromancers and undead.


Y.R. 473 - After months of exhaustive hunts for Necromancers, Merriel Monay takes the throne of Evendarr and declares Necromancy illegal.  Out of the need for an Heir, Queen Merriel Monay marries Lord Cedric Buttons of Endarr.


Y.R. 474 – Queen Merriel Monay gives birth to Roderick Endarr.


Y.R. 481 - Queen Merriel Monay gives birth to Lawrence Endarr.


Y.R. 485 - King Cedric Buttons dies in a freak carriage accident.  Queen Merriel Monay becomes distant and refuses to speak to anyone but her children and her Seneschal.


Y.R. 490 - Queen Merriel Monay dies after several years of seclusion. Her eldest son, Prince Roderick takes the throne as King Roderick I.


Y.R. 495 - After an entire Healers Guild is executed for Necromancy along the Ashbury/Niman border, King Roderick I repeals the laws against Necromancy.


Y.R. 496 - Ashbury becomes a Duchy.  The Royal Conservatory of Bardic Arts is established at Ashbury Town.


Y.R. 499 - Niman is admitted into the Kingdom after several years of deliberation. Rumors spread that Evendarr only wanted Niman to join the Kingdom so there soldiers would act as a buffer between the people of Ashbury and Minotaurs and Barbarians of the Plains of Hadran.  King Roderick is assassinated in the very halls of the palace. The King's advisor, Lucrezia Nicadaemus is questioned, but is completely exonerated. The King's brother, Lawrence II, takes the throne, and names his Aunt Lorelei as Heir. King Lawrence II declares Necromancy Illegal and punishable by Death for first offense.


Y.R. 501 - King Lawrence is accidentally Obliterated in a Formal Magic Spell backlash, suffering his permanent death. Lawrence’s Aunt, Lorelei, is crowned Queen of Evendarr.


Y. R. 503 - Under Queen Lorelei I’s sponsorship, the Royal Navy is founded from the coastal patrols and a few privateers.  The Royal Naval College is founded in Braughm-Raor in Blackstone.


Y.R. 522 - Lorelei dies. Hendrick II, son of Lorelei, takes the throne.


Y.R. 527 - Roderick Endarr is born.


Y.R. 545 - King Hendrick dies in October.  His only child becomes King Roderick II.


Y.R. 584 - Crown Prince Richard, marries Lady Katherine Bartholomew on New Year's Day.  King Roderick II dies in March, and his only child becomes King Richard I.


Y.R. 591 – King Richard Buttons I dies under suspicious circumstances in the same month as his father.  Lacking any children, he has Formally Adopted five Heirs:  Prince Kevynn Blackfox, Princess Andrea Huntington, Prince Joseph Saxony, Prince Basil Ravenhurst and King Elenaro of Quentari, the last an honorary title.  Lady Iloni Reichart-Saxony, the late King's Seneschal, produces the King's Will naming Prince Joseph to be sole Heir and King.  The Succession Conflict begins.


Y.R. 593 - After years of negotiation, a settlement is reached in October without significant bloodshed.  The Kingdom is divided into four Principalities.  King Elenaro declines the rulership of a Human Realm.  Prince Basil and Princess Andrea rule Northmarch (Elysia, Ravenholt and Volta).  Former Duchess Lillian Rotari of Rotaria is named Princess of Greenmarch (Ashbury, Niman and Rotaria).  Prince Kevynn Blackfox is named Prince of the Heart (Blackstone, Duchy of Evendarr and Kitheria).  Former Field Marshal Miles Tegg is named Prince of Southwatch (Sutherland, Therendry and Tyrangel).  A month later, Basil Ravenhurst is assassinated by His Elite Guard with the aid of the Baronies of Capulus and Cumberland.  Princess Andrea Huntington becomes sole ruler of Northmarch.


Y.R. 594 – Princess Andrea Huntington is assassinated in Volta by her archenemies, the Black Rose, shortly after her failed attempt to have Dame Vallen of Westmarch, Daramor Darkcloud of the Ravenholt Mages Guild, and Alaric Malinruin of Ravenholt obliterated. She names Kevynn Blackfox as her Heir, making him the Prince of the Heart and of Northmarch - nearly half the Kingdom.


Y.R. 594 – King Mykel Endarr II returns from the past with the aid of time elementals. King Mykel is crowned King of Evendarr.


Y.R. 597 – Niomi Avendale relinquishes her oath with Duchess Jane Monay of Evendarr, and treks across the plains toward the great Empire of Hadran, where her ancestor Katherine Galenson journeyed some 135 years prior.


Y.R. 598 – King Mykel Endarr II recalls all of his Kingdom Knights for an important discussion. The Kings Orchestra is formed to serve multiple purposes including educating the populace with the Customs of Evendarr and investigating accusations against Nobles, Guilds, Adventurers, and Commoners. Sir Tivorak Nobel, First Knight and Champion to King Mykel Endarr II accepts the Lead position of the Kings Orchestra.


Y.R. 601 – Queen Niomi Avendale of the Kingdom of Avendale, Granddaughter to Lady Ellimere Arundel of Evendarr, suffers her final death at the hands of a Prime Regnant Vampire named Karveki, who is also killed by the Nobles and adventurers who followed her.


Y.R. 601 – The King begins deliberations of elevating others to princess and prince.


April 602 ER: Sir Tivorak Nobel, first Knight to King Mykel Endarr II, of the Kingdom of Evendarr, traveled to Ackliceum with several other adventurers including Michiko, a Dark Elff originally from Draelonde who now resides in the Kingdom of Avendale which is to the north of the Duchy of Elysia. Ackliceum is far to the west, in a very hot area that seems to be ver yclose to the sun. During his travels, Sir Tivorak helped the Nobles, Adventurers and townsfolk defeat a liche that had been plaguing the lands for quite some time. In his report, Sir Tivorak was once again able to provide names of those who he had come into contact with and who helped defeat the undead abomination that was bent on destroying the good people. They include Michiko as mentioned before, Jean Rowen, Demitos, Hellish Wildfire (The Contastable of Whitestone), Vincent Spotlazano, Nive Goishans, Thurgus Stormblade (Constable of Whitestone), Forest of Mandrakes Landing, Royale Amerchante, Wolf Spirit, Naga - Barru, Gabriel, Blatz, Kie Dufay, Kalinda Tailure, Seta, Traelith, and Deruite. 

July 603ER: At the July 4th Gathering in the Dreadmark, His Majesty of Evendarr noticed that his representatives from the far South. in Marshaven, were missing, and sent a legion of troops to see what the challenge was indeed. They pushed there way through a horde of undead monstrosities over the period of 10 days, and around August 4, 603 ER (Evendarr Reckoning) they met up with the soldiers of Marshaven. Thus, the King of Evendarr has decided to once again support the building of a new Keep, just below the Dreadmark, to link the bottom of the middle of Evendarr with the top of the southern most area, with a solid Travel path, with full military barracks along the way. At the July 4th Gathering in the Dreadmark, His Majesty of Evendarr noticed that his representatives from the far South were missing, and sent a legion of troops to see what the challenge was indeed. They pushed there way through a horde of undead monstrosities over the period of 10 days, and around August 4, 603 ER (Evendarr Reckoning) they met up with the soldiers of Marshaven. Thus, the King of Evendarr has decided to once again support the building of a new Keep, just below the Dreadmark, to link the bottom of the middle of Evendarr with the top of the southern most area, with a solid Travel path, with full military barracks along the way.

August 603ER: Evendarr: The spirits who sacrificed themselves for the King of Evendarr in 595ER were;

Ambrose Huntington

Lady V'Ktara Solonari - Justice

Brother Laramis Hartwell - Compassion

Guildmaster Jarridar Coriolis - Truth

Gurndra Hammerstane - Strength

Shandra "Honesty" MacGregor - Honesty

Lord Arigi Nandemyr - Diplomacy

Magda Ivanova Ajonisa - Wisdom

Dame commander Allandra Vandoros - Justice

Lord Powell Huntington - Sacrifice

Earl Haarlan Thurderblade - Valor


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