NERO LARP - Member Sponsored Events©

    The NERO Office would like to thank you for convening a NERO® Member Sponsored Event©. The NERO LARP provides entertainment to a wide variety of members with varying preferences. The game is made available to players in the United States and Canada thanks to Members like you who volunteer their time and resources to produce a NERO® Event for themselves and others. We appreciate your willingness to contribute your time and it is our goal to ensure your NERO experience is enjoyable and fully supported.

    To support Member efforts, we will provide all the NERO related materials needed for your event - a short story with truth and falsehoods pertaining to storylines produced at local and distant NERO Chapters, Gold and Silver Coins, NERO Production Equipment Tags, Magic Item Physical Representations, NERO Magic Item Tags, and NERO Formal Magic Components.

    The Applicant agrees also, to submit to the NERO Office, within 3 business days, the names of the NERO Members who attended your gathering, and at least a paragraph explaining what transpired. We are available to help you every step of the way.

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