The News & Observer Thursday, January 13, 2005  
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Staff Photos by Chris Seward

The good people from Tyrra march off to do battle with the monitor lizards during a Nero game at Kerr Lake last weekend as part of a 'live-action role-playing event.' It's all in fun, but it's business for the North Raleigh company that has the license for the game and hosts weekends once a month.

Even wizards and warriors have to eat. Sarah Clark, left, and Ryland Singleton take a break during their Kerr Lake outing to cook some burgers.

Thomas Butler charges into battle during the games, which exist around the country and are growing in popularity. Observers say participation in fantasy events rises in difficult times, such as times of conflict.

Al Lewis, left, dresses as a Sarr (cat) and Nick Goehring as a fox during the games Sept. 25. They call their world of magic spells and fierce fights with evil creatures Tyrra.
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