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DV Attends MegaCon Comic Book Convention

The first company that caught our eyes was NERO® International and Joseph Valenti. As you guys know, here at DV, we are great fans of “Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Fruit!” If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you are not a true DV enthusiast. Basically, it was a viral that came out a while ago about some Dungeon and Dragons enthusiasts that took the game to a whole new level. They actually play out the games in real life with paper Mache weapons and rocks. Its just plain hilarious. If you ever get a chance, hunt this video down in the DV archives and give it a once over. What NERO does is take that live D& D concept to a whole new level. They make the experience more real for the people trying to live out their medieval fantasies. Nice, organized, safe, and it looks a lot better when you have something that actually looks like an Axe that is +4 as opposed to a frying pan that your mom tossed in the garbage 2 years before. You can find out more about NERO® International and Live Action Role Play at

(From right to left: Joseph Valenti, VinceJN, Brian Cowie)