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    The Kingdoms of Avalon are restless with visions and dreams. Diviners, seers, and augurs look up from their pools and prophetic flames with a look of panic on their faces. The final plague is coming, and there is little that anyone can do to stop it. The visions show a river of bodies, thousands falling dead without a single wound. The survivors of the plague will go to battle, viciously dividing the scraps that are left of civilization. Ancient texts allude to a solution which can only be found at the Ruins of Tyberious, an ancient and forbidden place at the northern tip of Quentari, just north of Din-Oth.


    You, like many other adventurers, are here to lend your knowledge, crafts, skills, arms, and possibly your life to stop the coming plague. We now know that there is a force behind the plague, a force which intends to win the final battle. Can you stand against such a force? Or will you too be consumed by the darkness and corruption that even now seems to engulf all of Avalon?


     The kingdom of Avalon has called for its collective allies to send forth knowledge of plagues within their lands, that knowledge can be gleaned from the past, and curatives made. However, many of the recipes for these past plagues require ingredients that are long forgotten, or in far off places. What is worse is that thousands of cures will be needed. Even if the old texts are right, they speak of a minimal amount of the curative concoction. Will there be enough alchemists to save all of the people? Will you be lucky enough to find the Herbs and Recipe to make the Cure, and will you be able to make enough to cure your friends, family, and village?


Added June 23, 2005
Several of the Sages at the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences have compiled this information;


      In the 130th year of the Fifth Cycle, the Dwarven race was almost wiped out by the Choking Death. Taciturn and independent, the Dwarves would not ask for help until it was clear that the Choking Death might be the end of their kingdom. The House of Venelar, a group of celestial casters from Quentari, discovered a magical cure. They researched a spell of Clear Breathing that could be scribed onto scrolls and distributed throughout the mountain kingdom.


      In the 385th year of the Ninth Cycle, a disease called the Wailing Slumber was spreading like wildfire. In 388, it claimed the life Elrynar, the twin brother of Elenaro Ar-Din, the current King of Quentari. The Elves closed the borders to Quentari to keep the disease from spreading, but it had already spread to human traders. The human kingdoms discovered a cure in 390, but not before the Wailing Slumber had claimed the life of over 10,000 people. The cure to the disease a tonic made of Redthorn Bush, Slipwood, and ground Fire-Gem.


      In 387 E.R., the Plague of Saxony swept through Evendarr. Several thousand people died, their lungs filled with sticky fluid. A guild of Sarr Alchemists from Myrr called the Tribe of Petals discovered the cure by combining deadly Nightshade with the Ash of the rare Redthorn plant. The Plauge of Saxony has claimed the life of over 12,000 people. Some backwater areas still feel its suffocating touch.

Each plague has been worse than the one before it. With the first days of summer, the Fourth Plague has crept into the Duchy of Niman, the Quentari Forest, and the verdant mountains between them. It could spread like wildfire if it is not stopped now. It is thought that the cure grows naturally within the Ruins of Tyberious, a ghost town destroyed by the second plague. The Elves of the forest of Din-Oth have long  known that evil dwells in the ruins, but have not had to face it - until now. As one of the few who has not been infected, the burden is on your shoulders. Can you save your people? Can you save all of Avalon from this grim fate?


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