NERO LARP Member Resources

These are the NERO LARP Rules that may be under play-test at Local Chapters. Chapters cannot modify or alter these play-tests, and will always use the most recent version of the play-test. To Submit A Play-Test Send it to the NERO Rules Council.

Read the Playtest Section of the NERO Rule Bookę for a Better Understanding of how proposed Rules are Play Tested in NERO.

All 10-7-02 Playtests in PDF (minus Harmonics v14)

All 1/6/03 Playtests in PDF Format

Playtests Removed

Base 5 Protectives (Implemented 7/20/2000, Removed 2/15/2004)

Weapon Strikes Playtest V04 (6/28/2005) (Usable July 1, 2005, Final removal December 31, 2006)

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