10 things you should know about Phu Kradueng, the mountain peak that everyone wants to conquer

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Phu Kradueng, the immortal peak of the Loei Province Symbol of the top trekking in Thailand, a legendary tourist destination. There is an abundance of vegetation and wildlife. The veteran travelers have all gone through the battlefield. But time changes and things will inevitably change. But how The beauty of this Phu Kradueng. He never escaped from  ufabet  death 

1. Sum

“Sam” means a low area where water flows to form a reservoir. Or is it moist with a lot of groundwater, such as at the low of a forest slope. There are many ways to go up Phu Kradueng. Considered as a stopover during the journey There are food and drinks for sale ready.

2. Porter


Of course, walking up Phu Kradueng. We need to rely on porters to help carry our luggage on the mountain to save the power to carry just a camera and valuables. The cost is at 30 baht per kilogram, paid at the Phu balance. Down payment at the bottom of the park

3. Food and beverage prices

Food and drink

Food and drink prices below the park are regular prices. But when being brought up to the mountain The price will also go up due to difficult moving costs. Each small bottle of water will cost 25 baht, soft drink 30 baht, and a la carte dishes 50 baht per dish. The price will be as high as 60-70 baht, but the quantity is worth it. Must understand and prepare the money to be ready

4.Steam coffee shop

Not often seen with traditional steam coffee machines. But that Phu Kradueng has Not easy to find and delicious as well. Who wants to taste, walk to the restaurant zone Right on the edge.

5.Pork pan

Pork Pan

Many people know that Phu Kradueng and Pork Pan are a match for each other. The trick is in the sauce. Plus things are clean. Definitely delicious. There are many shops to choose from, the price is 300 – 500 baht per set. Anyone who wants to eat beef must order in advance only.

6. Little Deer


We can meet deer everywhere on the mountain. But it will come out in the evenings. Since we smelled the food we had, haha, tourists couldn’t help but feed them. Because the deer here will be familiar to people. Does not do any harm



If you come to Phu Kradueng in rainy season You will be faced with a large number of slugs. That is ready to come out and say hello at any time Prepare your blood for them too. Considered as a merit-making for small animals, hehe

8.Wild elephants and hyena

Wild elephant

The chances of you meeting wild elephants and hyena are very rare. But yes, there will be none. Best way is to follow the park signs strictly. Do not go into the restricted area. Because wild elephants are not as kind and cute as in the elephant camp

9. Papa Mon


Good luck of the admin That in the days to be the same period that Pam went up to, the old man who has conquered Phu Kradueng more than 80 times in almost 40 years (first up in 1976) is known as the legendary figure of Phu Kradueng So that can be Because everyone on the mountain Nobody doesn’t know Pam.

10. Traveling in any season is beautiful.

Phu Kradueng to travel in any season is beautiful, even though it is extremely booming in winter with spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset. But the rainy season is another moment that you should not miss. Because the forest will be abundant Full of various trees And the waterfall has a lot of water Make you feel cool Take pictures for sure. Especially at “Tham Yai Waterfall”