19 recommended travel apps If you want to have fun traveling, you must have it!

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Nowadays, traveling abroad is very easy. There are many ways to find information, such as a search from Google or a mobile phone. It allows us to search for information. Make our travels a lot easier and more convenient and here are 19 travel apps. that would like to recommend to friends Load it together.

Application to book flight tickets

travel application  Flight booking application

1. Expedia

For people who like to travel like us, the travel booking function Flights + hotels have been approved. designed to enhance walking to make our work more comfortable From booking to in transit, where to depart, when and when to arrive, whether you want to fly direct or connect. The app also tells us in its entirety.

2. Skyscanner

Skyscanner’s free app to find the best flights, hotels and car rentals at the best prices. Save up in every place we want to travel to with thousands of airline partners and search from millions of flights ! Compare each other to see the time when the airfare has Get the lowest price month-to-month and book a flight for us. immediately at any time

3. Kayak

Search hundreds of websites Travel, book flights, hotels and cheap car rentals. Helps save money on deals Special price for mobile phone only. Use it to plan our trips. and track flight status free real time

currency converter application

An app for converting currencies

4. xe currency Each country uses a currency. not the same The need to come to calculate the exchange rate It’s a headache, but this app

Just choose the currency The amount that you want to convert from the currency …….. to …….. The app will calculate it for us immediately. The purchase of the overseas anymore.

5. My Currency

An app that will help us calculate the price of You can buy abroad at any time, can calculate the exchange rate. Change money based on the currency. that we want to know to be Thai money

Applications, notebooks, maps

Applications, notebooks, maps

6. Evernote

It is a complete app for Travel at all. It can be both a notebook and a recorder, manage our data. For example, if we are afraid of forgetting what’s important We can take audio or visual notes, perfect for organizing daily plans. can travel for us

7. TripIt

This app will help us plan our trips and will also notify you when to the various deadlines that we have have a plan

map application

map application

8 . Our itinerary viewer

Used for inserting programs that we want want to go each day We can type the name of the place. You can go down and the app will automatically search for you from google map and make a summary of all trips. All of our data can be stored in the email as well.

application budget expenditure

application budget expenditure

9. Money Lover and 10.Money Manager

These 2 apps will allow us to set the budget and separate into each category, such as food, accommodation, travel expenses, etc.  In each category, it can also be Can be further broken down, such as travel expenses, we can also split into buses, subways, etc. and can also put money that we don’t already paid For example, we pay for plane tickets and hotels before we go. When the day of the trip, it will say calculated that the money should be prepared How much more?

Application to check the weather

Application to check the weather

11. The Weather Channel

An app to view the weather to prepare before traveling to prepare for all weather conditions

12.Weather Timeline

An app to view the weather conditions per day. For the convenience of travel and prepare before the trip every time

Application Language

Application Language

13. google translate

When traveling abroad, language may be a barrier for able to travel There should be a translator app installed on the device. Keep at least one app. This app can translate almost every language in the world, either word or sentence. Overall, this app may way is much easier


English-Thai translation app can be quite accurate This app is highly recommended for walkers. In countries that use English Most of the British travellers have some difficult vocabulary. Overeating or getting stuck in communication, this app can take your time!

15. Pleco Chinese Dictionary

Who wants to go to a country that uses the language Mainly Chinese, don’t miss this app. This app is the best app. It’s an app that translates very accurately. And there are almost every word that we need to use, but it can be a word. Unable to translate whole sentences or words

The application recommends cool places to visit!

The application recommends cool places to visit!

16. Around Me

It’s an app that tells you what places to eat around you right now, places to visit, hotels, hospitals, and entertainment places. And what’s even better than that is not just recommend But if you go to the wrong app This can also guide you to your destination.


A good helper when you’re not know where to go Or don’t know what to eat? the neighborhood where you stand with social applications The only type that focuses on “Check-in” only! Just open the app and look at it. immediately that people who have Where do you check-in, cool places, and do activities? What food is delicious? with beautiful photos for you to decide And don’t forget to check-in and tell others!

App offers Wifi and phone.

Wifi and phone applications

18. Viber

Travel abroad economically Make calls with the Viber app with the ability to make phone calls. Internet access all over the world without It’s a waste of money! As long as you’re connected to a Wi-Fi or internet network, you can instantly call your Viber friends for free. both in the group traveling together or call back to Thailand Or, if absolutely necessary, you can still use Viber to make regular calls at a low cost .

19. WiFi Map Pro

Another very important app for People who are addicted to the Internet are addicted to social media. With its in-depth ability to find Wi-Fi everywhere you are standing, such as Wi-Fi in restaurants, cafes or public places. You can also specify which Wi-Fi is privately encrypted or which Wi-Fi is free. so that you can walk and Connect to the best Wi-Fi signal anywhere, anytime.