Tokyo Roaster, Tokyo Dessert Cafe Back in the day, back to the school days

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Invite everyone to come back to the old days with Tokyo Roaster (Tokyo Roaster) from street food in front of the school to a premium Tokyo dessert cafe. Using the best ingredients in the market to create Tokyo snacks that are more exotic and interesting than ever.

The shop is a commercial building, 1 booth, painted in duck-head green, eye-catching. Tucked away in Soi Yenjit 8 on Chan Road. When you open the door. You’ll find a staff member who calls himself Torista. A barista who makes delicious Tokyo snacks. The decoration of the shop looks cute and bright. In green tones contrasted with pink. There are cartoon line drawings lined up on the walls. In another corner, there is also a display cart with candy boxes and galvanized wall Let’s take pictures together.

The first menu item is Tokyo Custard Cream with Cracking Candy. A Tokyo dessert filled with custard cream. soft touch Vanilla Before serving, squeeze fresh cream on top. and sprinkled with papaya An ancient dessert that when ingested it will feel tingly. pop in the mouth Enjoy while chewing

Tokyo Vanilla Custard Cream with Golden Threads a thin crispy Tokyo dessert filled with fresh cream. and foi thong that is not too sweet. On coffee beans in a mini mug before serving looks very premium

Add a little more belly to the savory Tokyo snack, Tokyyo Salmon & Truffle Cream, stuffed with smoked salmon from Norway. Combining the aroma of cream cheese truffles. Add crunchy texture with shrimp eggs, salty and oily taste is good.

Tokyo Salted Egg Custard, a Tokyo snack filled with salted egg lava The shop uses salted eggs from Chaiya District, Surat Thani Province, giving it a sweet, salty, oily touch, delicious, and mellow.

Finishing off with Tokyo London, the intense matcha green tea. Topped with a thin crispy Tokyo loaf and secretly hide seasonal fruits inside Strawberry blueberry mixed with crispy bacon. The rim of the glass is covered with peanut butter and almonds. Add the aroma when you taste it.

For those who travel by private car. It is recommended to park at the Teochew Association. Then walk 50 meters to the shop. When ordering food for 300 baht, you can show your parking card to the staff at the shop. to get a discount of 30 baht

Location : Soi Yenjit 8, Thung Wat Don Subdistrict, Sathorn District, Bangkok,UFABET

Contact: 063 615 5283

Opening hours: 8.00-19.00 daily (last order 18.30)