10 places to visit in Korat Go ahead, don’t miss it, you must stop by!

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Nakhon Ratchasima or “Korat” as we know each other It is the province with the largest territory in Thailand. Filled with many attractions Especially the nature and temples, which  ufabet  has collected  10 attractions in Korat. You missed it and will regret it, in some places we believe that you hardly knew before. That there really is a place like this

1. Khao Yai Floating Market, Pak Chong District

Khao Yai Floating Market

Khao Yai Floating Market It is the largest floating market on the hill in Thailand. It is owned by the same owner as Sam Phan Nam Floating Market (Hua Hin), Ayothaya Floating Market, Ayodhya Market and Ayothaya Elephant Camp. The floating market is divided into 2 zones: the floating market zone and the flower garden zone . Visitors will find the beautiful yellow flower fields covered. Him all year Along with a zoo (mimi zoo) in the middle of nature where visitors will find cute animals such as sheep, rabbits, camels that visitors can feed their hands. In addition, the market also has a photo spot for couples (swiss love) with parking for more than 200 cars.

2. Jim Thompson Farm, Pak Thong Chai District

Jim Thompson Farm

Jim Thompson Farm, an agricultural attraction suitable for all ages Take a tour of the traditional local life. Mulberry cultivation Organic vegetable storage plot As well as various flower fields And the beauty of nature Among mountains and grasslands Which will be open for sightseeing only 1 month a year To be a learning center for tourists Ready for sightseeing and shopping for vegetables All kinds of flowers Along with learning about the traditional architecture and culture of the Isan people

3. Natural Spring, Nam Phut, Pak Chong


Phut Pond is located in Mu Si Subdistrict, Pak Chong District. There is water sprinkled naturally. The nature of the water is very clear. And flowing all the time If it is during the rainy season, it will have more water than usual. There are ponds or cascades in this water. There are about 4 ponds that can swim. As for the pond with water eyes, no one will swim. Because it is considered a spring of water and a pond Will be able to swim There is a bridge across to the opposite side. With a small pathway walking in

4. Non Kum Temple (Luang Pho To Temple), Sikhio District

Wat Non Kum (Wat Luang Pho To), Sikhio District

Wat Non Kum , Sikhio District, better known as Wat Luang Pho To, where the image was created Black brass casting of Somdej Putthachan Topon, the largest in the world The church is magnificent and grand. With Mr. Soraphong Chatri, an actress who started the production In addition, the surrounding business There is also a beautiful forest park. Make it a place to visit, another place in the city of Korat.

5. Pha Kebtawan, Wang Nam Khiao District

Pha Kebtawan Cliff
Photo from panoramio.com/photo/100567595

Pha Kebtawan is in the Thap Lan National Park. There is a way on the side. Wang Nam Khiao District It is one of the most beautiful sunset viewpoints. The main highlight here is  the slingshot. A big slingshot Provided for tourists to play But it is not very good because the ammunition used is the seed (sold at 10 baht per ball) , how far it is fired, depending on the power. It will continue to grow into a big tree. Considered a great strategy That helps the forest to be long lasting

6. Baan Mai Chai Nam, Pak Chong District

Ban Mai Chai Nam

Antiques museum and restaurant all in one, you will enjoy walking through the antiques from different eras. There are both toys Tools Consumer goods in the old days That is rare If there is an old man with you, you may recall a flashback. Inside the food garden zone is decorated in retro Thai style. There are colorful lanterns, beautifully decorated. There are also statues of super heroes that children will love.

7. Haew Suwat Waterfall Khao Yai National Park

Haew Suwat Waterfall

Haew Suwat Waterfall It is a very famous waterfall. It is known to the general public. Located in Khao Yai National Park. At the end of Thanarat Road Or to walk on foot from Pha Kluay Mai Waterfall for about 3 kilometers, this waterfall looks like a stream of water falling from a cliff about 20 meters high, debris at the bottom of the waterfall is a pond and stream. Suitable to swim. But for the rainy season, the water is very strong and quite cold. Safety precautions should be taken

8. Thep Wittayakhom Temple, Ban Rai Temple, Ban Rai District

 Thep Wittayakhom Temple

Through the efforts and unity of the villagers , the largest water mosaic temple in Asia has been created ! It was created from the intention of Luang Por Koon Prasudtho who wants people to easily understand Buddhism. Distinctive with the most magnificent architecture, from  the 19-headed serpent statue, Thao Chatalok Ban Gate. And a large elephant head It is the most exhilarating tourist destination Must see with the eyes