5 places to visit in Thailand Easy to travel, no need to go abroad.

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Of course, the recent lockdowns have made travellers uncomfortable and frustrated at not being able to go anywhere. Like now, most places in the country have unlocked almost all of them. It makes traveling in the country easier. But because the airspace entering and exiting foreign countries has not yet opened, tourists who travel abroad are still unable to go anywhere. to have high paying power But they may only be able to browse travel sites and accommodation websites in the meantime.

But did you know? That in Thailand there are quite a few tourist destinations that feel like going abroad. and when we still can’t go abroad Let’s travel together in the UFABET country. Tonkit360 has 5 tourist attractions. in Thailand that is as beautiful as going to a foreign country to recommend to everyone

5 places to visit in Thailand Easy to travel, no need to go abroad.

1. Koh Phayam

Is a large island in the Andaman Sea, located at Ko Phayam Subdistrict, Mueang District, Ranong Province. The atmosphere here is comparable to the Maldives Sea. With white sandy beaches, beautiful blue sky, and clear sea water, it makes us take in beautiful scenery. and peaceful atmosphere as well as admiring the beautiful nature The important check-in point is at Ao Khao Kwai. Which is a viewpoint for the sunset and Ao Yai, where tourists like to sunbathe This place is suitable for people who want to go. But not as far away as the Maldives itself.

2. Kaeng Sopha Waterfall

For anyone who wants to fly far to America Want to visit Niagara Falls? Natural border between America and Canada. but can’t go Did you know that you can take a plane to visit Phitsanulok instead? because there is a Kaeng Sopha waterfall as beautiful as Niagara The waterfall is located in Wang Thong District, Phitsanulok Province. During this hot weather, we can play in the water to get wet. I can guarantee that the atmosphere of the young Americans ever.

3. Bo Kaeo Pine Plantation

Bo Kaeo Pine Plantation or “Bo Kaeo Nature Research Station”, Chiang Mai Province , tourist attraction that travelers from scratch cannot miss because of the atmosphere of Bo Kaeo Pine Garden Almost no different from Nami Island in South Korea, full of tall pine trees planted along the way leading to a long road leading to the pine grove. Anyone going with their girlfriend should try holding hands together to take pictures imitating the statue of the hero and heroine. From the love song in the cold wind, you can see it. because the weather here is cool and humid all year round

4. Phu Pa Pho

If you try to visit once, you will find that the entire Mount Fuji was brought from Japan to Thailand. when you get to stand and experience the beauty at the viewpoint inhale fresh air to fill the lungs with it I almost forgot that I was still in Thailand. Phu Pa Po is located in Loei Province. Although Phu Ho is not covered with snow like Fuji, but the white fluffy clouds that cover it can be considered interchangeable. In addition, on the day when the sky is open Can also see the scenery of other mountains as well. One trip, but the view is very worthwhile.

5. Baan Rak Thai

If you don’t want to fly as far as Yunnan in China Book a plane ticket north to Mae Hong Son and head straight to Ban Rak Thai. I can guarantee that it’s unexpected, of course, that it’s still in Thailand. Experience the cool air amidst the mountains Blooming flowers, sipping warm tea as well. Guarantee that it’s very satisfying, but if it’s good Try to come here in the late rainy season. will get the atmosphere and scenery that is not different from going to China