8 winter attractions Full flavor in every region

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Where should we go in this winter?” Is a question that everyone is like. Because there are many tourist attractions in Thailand Makes us really bad choices Because here is worth going Over there, it’s worth trying today. ufabet has compiled 8 attractions in winter. Across all regions in Thailand Come for you to decide. There are both popular tourist destinations. Closer to the villagers’ way of life Close to nature And escape the chaos far from the crowd You can say that we provide you with all your lifestyle preferences, and prepare to store your bags. And let’s go

1. Doi Inthanon National Park Chiang Mai Province

Doi Inthanon National Park

Start the first place with Doi Inthanon,  the highest peak in Thailand, because you will always go north.  It is another important landmark in Chiang Mai Province. It  can be said that it is one of the top popular tourist destinations in the North , in addition to taking pictures with the highest sign of Siam. There is also a beautiful viewpoint for the sea of ​​mist. Or take a walk to admire the greenery in the Kio Mae Pan Nature Trail and Ang Ka that are open for a walk in the grasslands. Breathe in the cold air fully. Without the very little slugs around you

The weather on the top of the mountain The coldest place in the country with a negative temperature until the frost That is so cold that it is crystal clear If going to travel Please have your sweater ready. And go out to see the real thing once and see with my own eyes

For more information: Doi Inthanon National Park Tel. 053 286 728 – 9

2. Mae Chaem, Chiang Mai Province

Mae Chaem

Do not be bored with the traffic jam situation. According to various mountain peaks At the festival People will be extremely crowded, but fortunately, Thailand does not despair when the choice is brilliant. Not far from Chiang Mai city that is Mae Chaem District, located in the southwest of Chiang Mai in the midst of lush green forests. You can experience the beauty of the sea mist at the Doi Mon Mak viewpoint. Without needing to reconcile other popular Doi

The highlight of Mae Chaem District is the magnificent beauty of rice terraces. Where the rice starts to A golden yellow ear In the winter, we can also see Ban Pa Pong Pieng. Small village Full of charm and lifestyle of local people Let us be full and emphasize that if you are bored with popular places in Chiang Mai Let’s go to Mae Chaem once. I certify that it’s true.

For more information: TAT Chiang Mai Office Tel. 053 276 140 – 1

3. Phu Kradueng National Park, Loei Province

Phu Kradueng

Regardless of the year, the adventure walks up Phu Kradueng. With asthma symptoms To go take a picture with a sign “Once in a lifetime We are the conquerors of Phu Kradueng. ” It remains a classic favorite of all time. But do not be afraid to be tired, free. Because at this Phu Kradueng, there is a lot to see, whether it is a rock and cliff scattered in various points for you to watch the sunset. Until watching the stars at night Also a red maple leaf beside the waterfall That are becoming increasingly difficult to find It is very worth taking pictures.

If you will complete the trip to Phu Kradueng It takes several days. The tourist attraction is quite far from the camping point. It is convenient to walk or ride a bicycle. With the cold weather In the midst of the wonderful nature, Phu Kradueng is a place that should be visited once in your life. Go away but now When we still have strength left

For more information: Phu Kradueng National Park Tel. 042 810 833 – 4

4. Chiang Khan, Loei Province

Chiang Khan

If you are looking for tranquility Want to relax from stress Fatigue from work This lovely town is the answer to Khun  Chiang Khan, a small town on the Mekong River at the border of Thailand. Which still retains the culture, tradition , simple living, traditional way of life Which is difficult to find nowadays

Pictures of old houses lined up next to the Mekong edge Houses in Chiang Khan are divided into small alleys called Sri Chiang Khan Road  . In the evening there will be a walking street for tourists to shop. There are various local products and products. For you to choose from in the midst of the cold wind Beautiful views along the Mekong. Surrounded by friendly people You will have to smile at the cheek Until wanting to come many more times

For more information: TAT, Loei office Tel. 042 812 812

5. Bo Kluea, Nan Province

Salt pond

Thank you picture from pixpros.net

Bo Kluea is located in Bo Kluea district, about 80 kilometers from Nan city. A mountain like no other Rock salt production For consumption and distribution as another means of income This salt bath has been around since ancient times. And will be sold to Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Tung, Luang Prabang This includes Xishuangbanna and Southern  China. Before, there were many salt ponds, but now they are all dry. There are only two ponds left. Which is a public salt bath Villagers are called North and South wells

Let’s see how to make salt. Experience the local way of life In the midst of the high mountains, there is a beautiful misty sea view, not lost anywhere else, important to remember to subsidize fresh salt. Go home as well, certified salty, authentic, authentic, right up to your ears.

For more information: TAT Phrae Office (responsible for Phrae, Nan, Uttaradit Province) Tel. 054 521 127

6. Pha Kebtawan, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Pha Kebtawan Cliff

Pha Kebtawan is in the Thap Lan National Park. There is a way on the side. Wang Nam Khiao District Nakhon Ratchasima Province If you come to Wang Nam Khiao, do not forget to stop by to take pictures of the sunset here as well.

Important highlights of Pha Kebtawan Slingshot A big slingshot Provided for tourists to play But it is not very good because the ammunition that is used is the seed (sold at 10 baht per ball) , how far it is fired, depending on the power. It will continue to grow. Considered a great strategy That helps the forest to be long lasting

For more information: TAT Nakhon Ratchasima Office Tel. 044 213 030

7. Koh Larn, Chonburi Province

Koh Larn

If going to the sea in winter There is no law that prohibits it Most importantly, it is a province near Bangkok such as Chonburi Province. A few hours drive to And the highlight of beautiful beaches and clear water here must be given to Koh Larn,  a tourist attraction that consists of many large and small beaches.

Tawaen Beach,  colorful shallow coral reefs Sangwan Beach  is popular with European tourists who like to sunbathe.  Thong Lang Beach  is a small, quiet beach suitable for tourist Who wants to relax in private  , Samae Beach  has rocks and forest floor that is quite complete, beautiful, quiet, thoroughfare. Can travel back and forth easily It is another beach where many tourists come to relax.  Haad Tien Beach is  not lost but Tawaen Beach is small.  Nuan Beach  is located in the southern part of Koh Lan . Since there are not many tourists visiting

Also have Scenic him milk  is the most beautiful view of the island. And this area is also a place for mountain bikers who love nature. You can see the view of the wind turbine generating electricity on the island as well.

For more information, please contact: Tourism Authority of Thailand, Pattaya Office Tel. 038 427 667

8. The top of the Dheva mountain, Suphanburi province

Angel peak

The Deva  Peak is the highest peak in Suphanburi, 1,123 meters above sea level. In Phu Toei National Park It has an area of ​​almost 2 hundred thousand rai or approximately 317 square kilometers. Cover an area National Reserved Forest, Phra Ong Phra Forest, Khao Phurakham Forest and Huai Phlu Forest  Is the source of many streams There is a beautiful nature that is suitable as a tourist destination and a vacation can also see the sea of ​​mist and mist that cover the peak For tourism, the peak of the angel. Can visit in every season. 

It is truly an adventurous paradise. There are pine forests, waterfalls, morning sun, sea mist and cold weather. And the way of life of the Karen people It’s also close to Bangkok, so let’s go and see where the angels live. As one does not have said that “Want to meet an angel to go to heaven But if going to Suphan Will find the peak of Khao Deva “

For more information: Phu Toei National Park Tel. 035 446 237