“Spine scoliosis” due to carrying a heavy backpack Danger for Thai children

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spine It is an important organ in supporting the body, standing, walking, and sitting. It is also a connection point for nerves to the skull, shoulder blade, and pelvis. and ribs It is also the home of the spinal cord that transmits sensations to the brain. Therefore, if you have  scoliosis or spinal abnormalities It can affect the body as a whole.

“Spine scoliosis” due to carrying a heavy backpack Danger for Thai children


scoliosis It is a common disease that occurs frequently and is divided into several types according to symptoms. and the nature of the bone’s bending, such as a C-shaped bend at the top, bottom, middle of the back, or an S-shaped bend.

Causes of scoliosis

In most cases, the cause of scoliosis cannot be clearly determined. But there may be causes from

  • Side effects of cerebral palsy
  • Side effects from muscular dystrophy
  • have an injury or infection in the spine
  • Using the spine to bear weight Or bend your back frequently for a long time.

Symptoms of scoliosis

  • Uneven shoulders
  • The scapula is unevenly convex.
  • Uneven waist
  • The hips on both sides are not the same height.

Treatment of scoliosis

  • Wear a back armor For patients whose spines are still changing because they are still in the growth stage, such as in elementary school, to prevent the bones from becoming more bent than before.
  • Surgery for patients with severe bone deformity. which may affect the nervous system

Primary and secondary school children Risk of scoliosis from “School bag”

Thai students using backpacks There may be a risk of spinal curvature since childhood. If packing books or other items Too much in the backpack

Dr. Phanomkorn Disthasuwan (Dr. Moo), orthopedic surgeon, explains:

“If you carry a backpack that weighs 20% of the child’s body weight, There will be a chance of symptoms of neck pain, back pain and scoliosis. muscle aches It also causes lung function to decrease.”

That means If a primary school child weighs 20 kilograms, he or she should not carry a bag weighing more than 2 kilograms, or if a high school child weighs 40 kilograms, he or she should not carry a backpack weighing more than 8 kilograms,ทางเข้า ufabet etc., while the average size of a bag for a Thai student is 5.5-8 kilograms. It can be one of the causes of back injuries in children, including scoliosis.

Symptoms that may occur If carrying a bag is too heavy

In children, it may cause harm to the spine. Children and adults who use bags that are too heavy Or work that requires heavy use of the spine, such as people carrying rice, ice, various laborers. Even people who often have to carry heavy objects, such as photographers and cameramen, may have back pain, shoulder pain, including neck pain, headaches, and leg pain, and may also Dangerous to the herniated disc pressing on the nerve. Or you can lose your personality from walking at an angle.

Characteristics of a good backpack Does not have a negative effect on the health of the child’s spine.

In adults, it may reduce pain. You can do this by forcing yourself to refrain from using heavy bags. Carrying heavy objects without assistance for long periods of time Including not bending over for a long time.

As a child, using a school bag The backpack should be used as follows.

  1. The bag should be made of lightweight material.
  2. The width of the bag must not be wider than the child’s shoulders. and the height of the bag when the child sits down. It must also go higher than the child’s shoulders.
  3. Arrange your child’s teaching schedule well. Pick up as many books and notebooks as you will study that day. 
  4. Do not put things in your bag that are too heavy. Or it should not weigh more than 10% of the body weight (for example, a weight of 40 kilograms should not carry a bag weighing more than 4 kilograms). If the child is carrying it, they must lean forward. Indicates that the bag is too heavy.
  5. Arrange the contents of your bag so that the heaviest items are in the center of the bag as much as possible. Then spread the weight on the other parts. Evenly throughout the bag
  6. If you need to walk around carrying a bag for a long time You should find some time to sit and rest along the way. To reduce the burden of using it after receiving weight.
  7. The appearance of the shoulder bag is also important. You should choose a bag that has a large shoulder strap, about 6 centimeters, that is soft and has soft padding to support the weight on the back. Or there is a design to help reduce weight on the back better.
  8. Adjust the length of the back strap to be the same on both sides. Do not hold it too short or leave it too long. Keep the position of the bag in the middle of your back. Don’t pull it up too high. and that the bottom of the bag is not lower than the waist It will help reduce the load on the spine somewhat. And there should be a waist strap that keeps the bag from swinging when walking. To tighten the bag to the back throughout the walk.
  9. If the textbook is large and heavy, you can photocopy some of the sections you will study.