10 mysterious forests that are lost in walking Beautiful like a fairy tale world

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Anyone who likes to travel in nature Must not miss to visit these 10 mysterious forests , which are full of mysterious beauty to find as if dragging us to a fantasy world. Just like Alice In Wonderland, don’t wait, let’s see if you see forests from different parts of the world, will you want to ufabet wander in there?

1. Pa Pru, Tha Pom, Klong Song Nam, Krabi Province

Characterized by mangrove forests and blue water streams. Beautiful sparkling Caused by the combined flow of fresh water and sea water itself.

2. Tsingy de Bemaraha nature reserve, Madagascar

Singi Nature Reserve It has a very distinctive landscape. Because it is full of rough limestone That has been drained by rain for thousands of years There is an abundance of living things in many species. Especially the monkey family And has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1990

3. Dragon’s Blood Forest, Socotra Island, Yemen

Strange tree That we have never seen on this planet It can be found on Socotra, a separate island from mainland Africa 34 years ago, making it 37% of the island’s flora, including the dragon’s blood. You can’t find anywhere else. Besides extraterrestrial!

4. Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

A tropical forest covered with a foggy cloud Over 26,000 acres of land with a wide variety of plants and animals. Including more than 500 species of birds, if you would like to see any kind of animal, you can come and have a look here. There are many different species of animals, be it a monkey, a puma, or a red-eyed tree frog.

5. Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

Olympic National Park spans over 600,000 acres and is surrounded by diverse ecosystems. From the rainforest Covered with green moss, snowy mountains to beaches and the sea. Really called all the flavors

6.Otzarreta Forest, Basque City, Spain

Who wants to see the forest in paradise You can see it right here. Otzarreta Forest is full of beautiful ancient trees, mixed with mist that has been lost, almost indistinguishable whether this is a real world or a fairy tale.

7.Rainbow Eucalyptus Forest, Hawaiian Islands, USA

The colorful rainbow eucalyptus tree that looks past it. May think that someone can paint on the bark of the tree

8.Sequoia National Forest, California, USA

This forest is known as Land of giants Because inside is the largest tree in the world It lived up to 2,200 years ago, measuring 103 feet wide and 275 feet tall.

9.Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan

Sagano Bamboo Forest Highlights of Kyoto Japan There are high bamboo trees scattered on both sides of the road. Covering the pathway that slopes down the hill is spectacular. It felt like I had fallen into another dimension.

10. Apricot Valley, China

When they bloom together The whole valley was dyed in sweet pink. That looks very beautiful and eye-catching And the most romantic