9 popular check-in spots in Penang, take photos of IG followers, must be listed

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Penang, a city ​​known as The Pearl of the Orient is one of Malaysia ‘s most well-known and popular tourist destinations in addition to Street Art in the old Sino-Portuguese buildings. In George Town Similar to Phuket, our home and Penang also have many other attractions. That ufabet Instagram followers must not miss Take a picture of course.

1.Street art

Hunt down the murals on Armenian Street and Chulia Street in George Town. You can choose to walk or ride a bike.

2. Hin Bus Depot Art Center

Eat art at Hin Bus Depot Art Center, which was formerly a bus junction of Hin Company Ltd., before operating a bus in the northern part of Penang Island. Later, the business was dissolved, and here it was left without any use.

Until George Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, George Town became a junction of art. Here it is used for art exhibitions. That is open to the public for free And there are new works of art Circulate to watch every month

3. St.George Church

St.George Church (St.George Church) Anglican Church The oldest in Southeast Asia. Has a clean white color And also distinguished by its external architectural form That looked like the Parthenon (Parthenon) in ancient Greece.

4.Cathedral of the Assumption

Near St. George’s Church There is also a Church of the Assumption (Cathedral of the Assumption), one of the oldest Catholic churches in Penang.

5.Khoo Kongsi

The Cool House was the family home of the first Hokkien Chinese to travel to Penang. Originally built, it was as spacious and luxurious as the palace of a Chinese emperor. After the fire Therefore it was rebuilt to be smaller than before

Interior and exterior decoration Is beautiful With meticulous wood carving of Chinese craftsmen There are sculptures of dragons, swans, mythical creatures, and many more paintings.

6. Kek Lok Si

Kekklok Si Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. Also known as the Temple of Supreme Bliss, the most outstanding thing in this temple. Is the Chedi Somdej Rama VI Each floor houses various Buddha images and gods. There is also a large statue of Guan Yin Goddess. Which has to take a tram up to see each other

7.Chew Jetty waterfront community and Tan Jetty

Chew Jetty, a Chinese fishing community along the river The condition is an ancient wooden house in several rows, there is a souvenir shop, some of them make a homestay similar to Amphawa in our country. And the trick is The pier called Tan Jetty, a wooden bridge stretching out into the middle of the sea, good atmosphere, suitable for sitting and waiting to watch the sunset.

8.Batu Ferringhi beach

Batu Ferringhi is the most popular beach in Penang. The beach runs parallel to the coastal road in George Town’s northwest. There are world-class resorts along the beach.

Sunbathe or relax on the beach Or have fun and exciting with many marine activities From surfing to canoeing Those who are more adventurous can take advantage of the parasailing service. To enjoy the view of the beach from the sky.

At the setting sun Batu Ferringhi is full of fun, lively atmosphere, from outdoor shops selling all kinds of merchandise. From luxury To many souvenirs worth buying

9. Penang Hill

Penang Hill is the highest peak in Penang. Better known as Bukit Bendera, this peak is approximately 833 meters above sea level. It is the most beautiful viewpoint of Penang city and the surrounding sea. The tourists are able to ride the cable car up to the top. Approximately 1,996 meters, there will be substations on the way for tourists to visit at various points, including bungalows, homestays and small accommodations. To support tourists as well.