15 hot places to visit in Bangsaen

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When it comes to visiting Bangsaen, many people may only remember pictures of Bangsaen Beach, Nong Mon Market, or visit nearby attractions such as Khao Sam Muk, eat delicious seafood at Ang Sila. But traveling to Bangsaen today What’s more interesting including many emerging attractions There are many chic cafes. Forget the image of visiting Bangsaen in the same way. Come here, don’t just stop at Bangsaen Beach and the same places because there are still places to visit. Many places to eat Become a new Bangsaen trip More fun and busier than before with 15 hot places to visit in Bangsaen

Bangsaen Beach

Bang Saen Beach is a sandy beach on the Gulf of Thailand. Located in Saen Suk Subdistrict Mueang Chonburi District Chonburi It is a well known and popular tourist destination for a long time. with the proximity to Bangkok Traveling by car takes only about an hour. The length of the beach is about 2.5 kilometers, which is now Bangsaen beach has a new landscape to be shady and beautiful. The beach is ufabet cleaner.

Khao Sam Muk Viewpoint

Khao Sam Muk Viewpoint Another landmark of visiting Bangsaen. At present, a new landmark has been created. It is a wide terrace. There is a seat to relax, take a walk, and be a viewpoint overlooking the sea of ​​Laem Thaen and Ang Sila Sea. The viewpoint area is a walking path parallel to the sea. Along the way, there is a balcony for viewing. including a modern design living room in the shape of a circle for sitting and relaxing in the sea breeze. The highlight is the white letter tunnel. Write the name in English Bangsaen Khao Sam Muk To stand and take pictures, pose in a chic pose The viewpoint area also has local residents. Little monkeys live in abundance. blend in with many tourists  

Chonlamakwithi Bridge

Chonlamakwithi Bridge or the bridge along the seashore in Chonburi Another interesting landmark in Chonburi province. Located in the city not far from Bangsaen beach and Khao Sammuk. It is a bridge along the sea with a distance of several kilometers. It stretches from Sukhumvit Road to Khao Bang Sai Temple. While driving, you will see the bridge that stretches parallel to the sea. You can look at the beautiful sea views flanking it. When the sea is dry, you can see streaks of sand alternating with sea water. A picture of a fish cage in the middle of the sea lined up like a painting

Saen Suk Temple 

Wat Saen Suk is located not far from Bang Saen Beach. There is an interesting thing which is Maha Chedi Ket Kaew Chulamani Asana Suk Maha Viharn or Maha Chedi Wat Saen Suk. Landmark Saiboon recently built with spectacular beauty In addition, in the area of ​​the temple that is located before the entrance to the Great Chedi There are also stucco sculptures, Buddhist gardens, heavenly cities, and hell as a reminder to refrain from evil.

Grand Canyon Kiri

Grand Canyon Kiri Located in Mueang Chon Buri District, Khiri Intersection, not far from Bang Saen Beach. It is an old stone quarry that is currently closed. but with a beautiful view There was a large green pond surrounded by rocks and soil that gathered like a small mountain. strange pattern Both in the view of the Grand Canyon and a pile of white and gray clay stones like snowy mountains causing the development of the area to become a tourist attraction and the coolest photo spot in Chonburi

Naja Shrine

Naja Shrine or Naja Satai Zhi Shrine Located at Ang Sila Chonburi It is a place that many people are probably well known for. When they come to visit Bangsaen beach, they will pay their respects at Naja Shrine. In the area around Ang Sila Market, not far from Bang Saen Beach, Janaja Shrine was originally just a small shrine. With respect to the faith of those who come to worship, it is believed to bring good luck in trade. causing this shrine to be developed continuously until the present It is a large and beautiful Chinese shrine. Made with a Chinese style of art There are various gods many to worship for auspiciousness most who worship often ask about work to be successful

Red Building, White Building, Ang Sila

The Red Building and the White Building are beautiful old buildings that stand side by side. Located in Ang Sila District, Chonburi, is an architectural style building. It is a combination of Thai, Chinese and Western. Beautiful scenery because it is located on the sea. Under the shade of trees and green gardens which has been prepared as a long scenic walkway including a small park It is a recreation place for Ang Sila people. and is a classic photo check-in point That should not be missed when visiting Ang Sila.

Khao Bang Sai Temple

Khao Bang Sai Temple or Khao Phra Bat Bang Sai Temple The temple area is at the foot of Khao Phra Phutthabat Bang Sai. or Khao Phra Phutthabat Sam Yot It is an old temple since the Ayutthaya period. Many blessings to this temple, such as the Mondop Phra Phutthabat, the Chedi, the ground floor viharn. Pan-Chuakee Viharn The building of the Charoen Dhammabhavana at the end of the mountain, and a pond, etc. The interesting feature is the white Buddha’s Footprint Mondop located on the foot of the hill. enshrined the sacred footprints of the Buddha There is a courtyard in the Phra Phutthabat Mondop area with a balcony for viewing. You can see the view of the houses, communities, flanked by the Chollamarakwithi Bridge that stretches along the seashore, which is a beautiful sight.

Niji House Bangsaen 

Niji House Bangsaen (Niji House Bangsaen), a new cafe opened in a minimalist pastel style. It’s like bringing a Korean cafe to Bangsaen Beach. The shop has many cool photo corners. For the disciples who like to take beautiful photos from every angle, sweet and gentle. The dessert menu is equally cute. like falling into Korea Let’s spread the brightness. Sai Wan, Sai Kao, don’t miss it. Must go!
Coordinates on the beach road, Wonnapha Under the Seabreeze Hotel (Opposite the Hat Won Park)
open daily 8.30-19.30
Tel: 0636288792
Facebook Click Niji House Bangsaen 

Arty café

Flaunting in the Won Beach area, Bangsaen, Chonburi, Artory café, a cool new cafe opened by the sea. Decorated with white and blue tones, giving the feeling of On the beach. There are plenty of angles to take chic photos. Especially the highlight corner outside the shop. which is a blue square and a yellow circle There is a gimmick with stairs that can be walked up to a chic pose. The shop focuses on selling drinks and desserts. There are many great menus to choose from. Next to the shop is Baan Kasem Suk Club. You can watch or sit and sip a drink as well.

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Seafood club bangsean  

seafood restaurant by the beach Decorated in beach bar style with bright colors, giving you a feeling of going to Hawaii. Inside the shop, there are many beautiful photography angles by the sea. If anyone who wants a chic picture of the sea Let’s hurry up here. But may have to avoid coming to use on weekdays a bit Because the shop is full of people on holidays, it may be difficult to photograph.

Austin cafe

A chill cafe by the sea at Ang Sila It is located opposite the Naja Shrine. The highlight of the restaurant is the romantic seating area by the sea. among the swaying grass Suitable for sitting and listening to the sound of the waves, cool wind, soft music, very chill, especially in the evening during the sun, the atmosphere is very good. The shop is both a cafe and a restaurant serving both savory dishes. sweets and beverages You can escape the heat to eat or sit and sip a drink to relax.

WE Coffee Cuisine

Located in the city of Chonburi Not far from Grand Canyon Kiri. On the road bypassing Nong Mon At the intersection of Khao Lam, Bang Saen Sai 2, the shop is an English-style cottage on a mound. Covered with lush greenery, this cafe is decorated to feel like a fairy tale house. Similar to a Hobbit house, the restaurant is a greenhouse decorated with dried flowers and vines hanging from the ceiling. mix warm light Give the feeling of a romantic foreign barn atmosphere.

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sweet dessert

The famous cafe of Bangsaen Located opposite Na Mon Noodles, which is the same owner. After finishing the noodles, they can come and eat dessert at this restaurant. The shop is located near Bangsaen Beach and Burapha University. So don’t be surprised when you come to this shop, you will see quite a lot of students. The atmosphere of the shop is decorated cute. A little chic likes to take pictures Plus a spacious shop area Shady with large trees and ivy decorated with open lungs. The special thing is that the seat by the glass has a large tree in the middle. There is a balcony to view the view on the second floor, another chic style.

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Bike park cafe  Ang Sila

A famous cafe in Ang Sila area. There are many corners to take beautiful photos. Can be decorated in a cool, classic style with brown tones mixed with modern and the shade of ivy Ornamental shrubs. The coolest corner is to decorate a bicycle. on the ceiling above the table according to the shop concept become another feel-good shooting angle

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Red temp coffee

Cafe decorated in Miami style, seaside atmosphere, panoramic view. The shop is located at the end of the road before the way up to Khao Sam Muk. The highlight of the shop is the towering tower. Go up to see the view and take beautiful pictures of the sea. just open the door It’s like slipping into another world, sitting and sipping coffee. The picture in front of me is a beautiful sea view. 

Location 33/99 Rob Khao Sam Muk Road, Saensuk Subdistrict, Chonburi

Open for service Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00 Saturday, Sunday 09:00 – 18:30

Facebook click   Red temp coffee