9 beautiful roads in Thailand Enjoy driving and enjoy the impressive sights.

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beautiful roads in Thailand Immerse yourself in the atmosphere on both sides of the road, including nature, forests, mountains and trees.  “destination Maybe not the best of beauty” seems to be true. Because sometimes beauty is on the way to meet Today we will invite everyone to go slow life. with beautiful roads in Thailand become another There are many interesting tourist attractions. And if you have a chance to stop by then Don’t forget to pick up your camera and take pictures. Keep it as a good memory to share with your ufabet travel companions.

1. Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit Road Rayong-Chanthaburi Province

          The longest beach road in Thailand It starts from Sunthon Phu Circle in Klaeng District, Rayong Province and ends at Khlung District, Nonthaburi Province. over a distance of more than 80 kilometers of this road In addition to the beautiful sea view that will not take your eyes off We will meet fellow riders along the way as well. and will be more satisfied If you lower the windshield, get a cool breeze, and turn on some soft music as well, just think about it, you’ll be happy.

beautiful road in thailand

2. Khao Kho-Phu Tub Berk Road Phetchabun Province

          It is one of the most impressively beautiful roads. especially during the rainy season Suitable for all travelers who want to hunt the mist. The greenery of the mountains and the cool air That’s enough for us to stop by the side of the road to capture the impression on both sides of the road. but in spite of this There may be some parts of the road that are quite steep. And if it’s raining too Don’t forget to increase your driving caution more than ever. Because that can easily cause accidents.

beautiful road in thailand

3. Loyfa Road 1256 Pua-Bo Kluea, Nan Province

          Has anyone ever been to Nan? Probably more or less familiar with this road. because along the road from Pua District to Bo Kluea District You will be absorbed in the atmosphere of the sea, mountains and green forests. but even so The curvature of the road cannot obscure or hinder our vision at all. Especially if it is the end of the rainy season and early winter. Not only greenery is seen because you may encounter a lingering mist floating to greet you It’s so beautiful that the driver doesn’t really want to reach the destination.

beautiful road in thailand

          There is also Road No. 3 or Curve No. 3 on Highway No. 1081, with a distance of about 300 meters. The road is traversing along the natural lines on both sides of the road, covered with trees. cause when driving to the area mentioned You will see a road that curves like the number 3 stands out beautifully. It has become another highlight that any tourist who sees it must stop and stop.

curve number 3

4. Road in Thung Bua Tong Forest Park Mae Hong Son Province

           located in Khun Yuam District Mae Hong Son Province Anyone who visits here will be impressed with the view on both sides of the road surrounded by lotus flowers. There are a lot of yellow blooms. The scenery around the Bua Tong field is a beautiful complex of mountains. The weather is cool all year. There is fog in the morning. If it’s good, you need to come around November-December. which is the period when the lotus flowers are in full bloom Let’s stop and take photos together to enjoy one side.

beautiful road in thailand

5. Sai Ton Yang Road, Chiang Mai-Lamphun Province, Sai Kao

          Highway 106 or Ton Yang Road (Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road, the old line), the unique identity of the rows of more than 1,500 rubber trees that are lined up along both sides of the road. The age of the name is more than 100 years ever. In addition to the beauty of the creation of nature After passing from Chiang Mai to Lamphun Province It will become a cassia tree line instead. which is a symbol of the clear demarcation line of the province Whoever has come, wants to try, come and see I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

beautiful road in thailand

6. Road to Doi Ang Khang Chiang Mai Province

          One of the most beautiful streets in Thailand with the driving route leading to Doi Ang Khang annually There will be a lot of tourists They are heading to Doi Ang Khang. Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower viewing source which will bloom in full bloom during December – January of every year The driving route is cool all year round. or if anyone doesn’t know how to travel during that time no matter what season Let me tell you that you should not miss a visit in all respects.

beautiful road in thailand

7. Khao Yai Road, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

          Who is a tourist? or travel to the annual festival at Khao Yai must have encountered this road especially during the rainy season This road is especially beautiful. Both sides of the road will be green. Plus the weather is cool and good. Sometimes you will see animals walking. But it is recommended that you do not go into the best because it may cause unexpected harm It’s best to just watch.

beautiful road in thailand

8. Coastal Road, Khanom-Sichon, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

          If talking about some beautiful coastal roads, Khanom-Sichon Coastal Road should definitely be on the list. By road, travel from Khao Plai Dam, Sichon District, to Ao Thong Yee, Khanom District, soaking up the view of Koh Samui. Especially if it’s in the evening when the sun is setting over the horizon. The color of the sky is especially beautiful. There is also a statue of Plai Chawrot. The majestic elephants of Chao Phraya Nakhon are also considered as another landmark that is worth a visit.

beautiful road in thailand

9. Ekachai Bridge, Phatthalung Province

          The longest bridge in Thailand that crosses the lake connecting the journey between Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung Province. and Ranot District, Songkhla Province. The bridge is flanked by a lake. On both sides of the road is a beautiful sight of the rich and simple nature of nature, beautiful views of the lake as far as the eye can see. water buffalo lifestyle and bird species Just to see and breathe fresh air to fill the lungs. It seemed that the feeling of fatigue had unconsciously transformed into a happy energy.

beautiful road in thailand

          These are just some of the beautiful roads in Thailand. but above all It’s not that it’s just fun to take pictures. until he forgets to be careful of accidents that may occur between the two sides of the road because if we fall into carelessness even for a split second It may make the trip to be all fun for a long time. However, do not forget to be very careful ^ ^