Suan Klang Na – Nantra Khiri A new friend on the Phrae-Nan route.

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For this trip, I travel with my destination in Nan Province to visit my dear friend who pioneered the travel route in Nan since the days when Thai people didn’t have wifi to use as they are today. The days have passed for almost 20 years. Sincere friendship makes us love each other more. It can be said that if I had the opportunity to travel to the Eastern Lanna region at any time Every time we have to meet. This dear friend made me know a beautiful place to stay. Warm comfortable inexpensive both in Nan and nearby cities.

Suan Klang Na Homestay, Phrae Province

About 120 km before reaching Nan Province, I stood in a grove of trees, knowing only that at dusk this evening, I and my old pickup truck drove around in the area of ​​Suan Khuean Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phrae Province. Suan Klang Na Homestay The path from the city to the aforementioned accommodation may seem muddled through the village. 


Suan Klang Na Homestay welcomed me with a western style dinner from the owner chef Mr. Jarome or as his wife calls him, Mr. Chun is the pioneer who started the construction project of Suan Klang Na Homestay from 8 years ago. Then Khun Chun rode a bicycle to exercise in Phrae. Accidentally found this 8 rai of land surrounded by mountains and rice fields. When fate brings them together A young man with a good mood, architect degree, so he didn’t wait. Pour the cash you carry and start becoming a farmer. with the goal that “I want to live like a country person” for good health

ever since that day Mr. Chun and his family have built a dream. Share with people around you and visitors. Until today, Ban Suan Klang Na Homestay has become well known to travelers who seek peace in a simple, self-sufficient way.


Baan Suan Klang Na Homestay was designed by Mr. Chon and used by local craftsmen. Reproduce the concept of a tobacco curing plant which is the traditional way of Phrae people. And want it to be a country house, semi-loft style. Stand out in the middle of the rice fields as the name suggests. There is a small pond Let the geese go swimming. The geese here are very friendly, not aggressive, able to eat food such as paddy from our hands.


Upstairs on the second floor The central hall was arranged as a lounge. Sit and sip drinks and watch the morning atmosphere. with mountains in the background The image of the misty rice fields cleared. Unleash your imagination In the room. Both the left and right wings are developed in proportion. The glass window when the curtain is opened can see the view of the rice field as well. Like a field of dreams returning to the countryside but beautiful and clean with good quality.


My friend and I had to leave Ban Suan Klang Na Homestay in the late afternoon. The blessings of goodbyes and promises of return still echoed in my mind. I looked at the smaller garden house in the middle of the field through the rearview mirror. Until finally, the peaceful garden house in the middle of the rice field has disappeared.

continue to Nan

From Phrae, we travel to Nan province with our target at Pua District, Highway No. 101, Rong Kwang District, Phrae Province, to Wiang Sa District, Nan Province, with some steep curves. Along the way, many points have expanded the route. which seems to be not easily completed. But in the end we arrived in Nan safely during noon of the day.


Friends of Nan Thai Dam Tana or, as I always called him reigned for nearly 20 years, that you Kan welcomed us with lunch, a native North at restaurants Huen Hom renowned restaurants in the city center near the tourist importance such as the Museum. Nan An important antique collection place in Nan Wat Phumin is a popular tourist destination to see the mural paintings of Grandfather Yaman. Also known as the picture of whispering in love with Banlue Lok. This meal is therefore a special meal for visitors.


In addition to the warm welcome and delicious food. My dear friend also took the time to take me to Ban Sapan, Bo Kluea District, to explore the beauty of a small village. amidst the embrace of the mountains And it might be because there is a river running through the middle of the village. which is the Wa River, which is one of the watersheds of Nan Province


In addition, there is a Sapan Waterfall located in the village that extends in descending tiers, which can be called complete in the village. At the end of this year, Ban Sapan has the opportunity to welcome the overwhelming number of travelers. You will have to book accommodation in advance. I have to admit that Ban Sapan tourism trend is really strong.

Nantra Khiri, Pua District, Nan Province

We stayed at Ban Sapan for just one night, the cold air and the sea, the morning mist gave us a refreshing feeling as if we had stepped back in time. Today we travel back to Nan. By using the Bo Kluea – Doi Phu Kha route with the target at Pua District


During the journey on Highway 1216, we will pass the steep Doi Phu Kha. which has the Chompoo Phu Kha, a rare plant species in the world It blooms during February and March every year. Growing next to the Shrine of Luang Phu Kha at km 31-32, you can park your car at the courthouse. It is easy to walk and see with clear signs. If you travel during that time Should find an opportunity to stop by and see.


And here at Pua District, Khun Kan, a dear friend, brought me to know Nantra Khiri, a beautiful resort in the midst of nature. which has an interesting source If we go back in time for more than 700 years, the land that is Pua District today is the old town of Nan people. From the time of Phaya Phukha passed down to the generation of his children and grandchildren. 


travel on this trip We travel at a slow pace. So I had the opportunity to meet and talk with many people. Especially the host I’ve stayed at, Anan Sopha, is another person that my dear friend has introduced me. Although there is not much time to talk. 


Nantra Khiri looks like a resort half a hillside villa. Looking in from the front of the two-storey building on the right is the lobby and dining room, made of wooden buildings decorated in applied Lanna style. It’s clean and shady.


A walk down concrete corridors leads to the rooms. There are about 3-4 types, divided into the latter. Varies by area have different strengths. I stay in a two-storey house with mountain view. After all, I’m not sure how the guests will feel. Many of you probably thought the same as me. who would like to have a house and lie down to see the mountain view and see the morning mist at the same time with watching the sun rise It’s like keeping the curtain open all night. When it’s morning, you don’t have to get up Just open your eyes and lie under the thick blanket, looking out at the glass cover through the balcony. Seeing what I want in front of me, I want to tell you that This is my long-awaited vacation. Think about how great it would be to have someone you love cuddling by your side.


Khun Anan softly revealed that he is a native of Lopburi province 6 years ago. He traveled to Pua district and felt like it until he wanted to have a house here. Because the Pua people of Nan are good-natured people. So I felt in love with this land unknowingly. The decision to buy at 6 rai was quick. You only think I was already happy. So I bought the land first. Invites the family with a son as the main force Helping to design build collect the wealth accumulated from the center since adolescence. and moved up here permanently.


Every morning, Khun Anan in comfortable clothes. The work will begin by taking care of the trees in Nantra Khiri. Some days I enjoy it until the end of the day. If no other work intervenes, you will be with the tree all day. As for the son, he will take care of the construction, decoration, addition and other administrative tasks as he feels good in the evening or evening. Anan will change into a hat and become a skilled chef in the kitchen. In the menu, you will see a menu with a strange name. until me and my friends have to ask from the younger The service provider is in the restaurant to explain or try to order to see the face.


travel on this trip I feel good and remember almost every moment. Probably because of the impression of the people and things they met. Even if it’s a journey to find a friend who loves far away But what impressed me was priceless. Our lives are born, no one knows the fate of what tomorrow will bring. But for me, today I met my best friend. Pack your bags and leave…New friends are waiting for you to meet…Hurry up. ufabet