Travel to Pattaya to end the year with 5 check-in points, must stop by

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At the end of this year, who still has no idea what to do? Or where to go? Follow us to visit Pattaya with 5 cool check-in points, you must stop by, be it the beautiful sea and clear water at Koh Larn. A frozen city in the cold Including the grand countdown event at Bali Hai Cape, ufabet Pattaya city

1. Flower Land Pattaya

Mayflower Island (Flower Land) newest tourist attraction in the city. Chonburi Province It’s a winter flower garden. On an area of ​​more than 100 rai, we can admire and inhale the scent of hydrangea, cyclamen, millennial rose, orchid, tulip, petunia, etc., as well as a 360-degree aquarium with a variety of fish. Varieties as well

2. Frost to Ice Of The Magical, Siam

The largest sculptural ice sculpture dome in ASEAN with a temperature of -10 degrees. Extremely cold without going abroad. Inside the dome has an Eskimo house, ice slides, keys of love, an ice bar ready to serve drinks. Super special With a carved ice glass The outside of the dome is a white sand sculpture. That can tell stories of Himmapan wildlife in exquisitely beautiful

Open for service every day from 09.00-20.30 (ticket office closes at 8.00 p.m.)

3.Silverlake vineyard 

Silverlake Vineyard is located next to Buddha Mountain. Near Pattaya It is both a source of production and distribution of fresh grapes. Including processed grape products such as grape juice, grape wine, grape jam, grape pie, raisins, grape jelly, etc. We can choose a safari ride. Farm carriage for tours Or ride a mountain bike along the grape plantation line Enjoy quite a bit

4. Koh Larn

Island in the gulf of thailand Located in the city of Pattaya. Chonburi Province Parallel to Pattaya Beach Only 7 kilometers from the shore of Pattaya, it is a beach that tourists popular for water sports such as boats, tugboat, skiing, snorkeling, etc. There are also many beautiful accommodations at affordable prices

5. Bali Hai Cape, Pattaya City

One of the important landmarks of Pattaya. Which in addition to being a pier crossing to Koh Lan It is also a beautiful viewpoint. Especially during the sunset Suitable for walking and chilling in the evening sea breeze.