Trip to Kanchanaburi, pay respect to the Buddha image, observe nature and follow the history Any style is fun.

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Kanchanaburi trip Travel not far from Bangkok, but if driving in the morning may be a little tiring. Recommend to find a place to stay for a night. For this ufabet trip, we will take a tour around the city and nearby districts as well as worshiping the nature and following the history I can tell you that it is definitely fun in every route.

1. Tiger Cave Temple

Depart from Bangkok Before entering Kanchanaburi city, you will meet the Tiger Cave Temple before anyone else. This temple is located on a hill. At the Tha Muang district Is famous for the beauty of a large statue ‘Luang Pho Chinn blesses’ the body of the Buddha image decorated with gold mosaics and “Phra Chedi Kesukkaew Maha Prasat” is an orange octagonal chedi with 9 stories high brick in the middle with a spiral staircase that can walk up. Up to the top floor Each floor has a mural. Including many different Buddha images to pay homage to To the top floor Which is the place where the relics of the relics brought from India

If looking down from above Will see mountain views, rice fields, Vajiralongkorn Dam It is a wide angle as far as the eye can reach. Even when the rice fields are mature Will be even more beautiful

2. Meena Cafe

Continue to chill at Mina Cafe behind Tham Sua Temple. In addition to serving a wide variety of food and beverages, including tea, coffee, dessert, there is also a great photo check-in corner! Whether it is a wooden bridge that stretches in the fields A hut in the field with a hammock to lie down Cradle net to sit in the wind Or choose to sit on the swing bar And immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere

Thank you picture from:  Meena cafe ‘, Kanchanaburi

3.Giant Chamchuri Tree

From Wat Tham Sua to the giant Chamchuri tree, it takes about 15 minutes…  The giant Chamchuri tree or the Kamkong claw tree, Sam Sa Toot, as we will call it in the area responsible for the Animal and Agriculture Division 1, Department of Animal Affairs. On the route to Dan Makham Tia district This tree stands up to the sun and can withstand rain for more than 100 years, so it spreads out a wide area. Shady And looks awful The size of the trunk is 10 hugs and the height from the root to the trunk is about 20 meters, which is very difficult to find at present like this large tree.

Recently, the landscape under the Jamjuree tree has recently been renovated. To be a raised walkway around the trunk To prevent the tree roots from being damaged by tourists

Thank you Picture from:  Children Make a Picture

4. Chukdo Beach

From the giant Chamchuri tree to Chuk Don Beach for about 20 kilometers, takes about half an hour. This is a small beach on the Mae Klong River. The beach has a length of about 300 meters. Around there are beach chairs. There are food and beverage services to accommodate tourists. In addition, there are various activities. Including a floating amusement park, a spinning boat, a paddle boat, or just playing in the water at the beach.

5. Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery Close to Chukdon Beach, just 10 minutes here, the villagers here are known as The “British Cemetery” can be visited every day. This is the cemetery of Allied POWs who died during the construction of the Death Railway. Contains 6,982 bodies of prisoners of war who died. Above all graves are brass plates inscribed with names and ages of the deceased The site is maintained by the Commonwealth War Cemetery Commission.

6. The Bridge on the River Kwai

Continue traveling for another 10 minutes to the bridge over the River Kwai. Which is the most important point on the Death Railway Built across the River Kwai Yai It is a 300 meter long steel bridge. The former is a wooden bridge. But was destroyed during the war after the war in 1946 to be repaired again to steel. As we see today

Friends can walk to take pictures and enjoy the view on the bridge. But may have to avoid the train a bit Because this bridge actually has a train running, it is considered to gently stimulate each other’s excitement.

For the history of the Death Railway It was built during World War 2 by the Japanese army recruited Allied prisoners of war. Come to the construction of the railway From Nong Pladuk Junction Station Ban Pong District Ratchaburi To Thunbu Sayat, Burma,  totaling 415 kilometers as part of the advancement of war

Today this railway line. Can only be used during the period from Nong Pladuk At the station, other parts of the waterfall have already become forest or have been submerged under Vajiralongkorn Dam.

7.Mallika City R.E.124

Continue driving for about 30 minutes until you reach Mallika City , this is an ancient city. Located on an area of ​​60 rai, simulating a way of life The past in the reign of King Rama V after the declaration of slavery If anyone has entered, it will experience the Siamese lifestyle. On the Chao Phraya River Basin Living in the traditional Thai way of life, dressed in traditional Thai clothes, or even in houses, food, use and language are traditional

8. Krasae cave

From Mallika It takes about 20 minutes to reach Krasae cave. This area is part of Death Railway Built as a wooden bridge running along the steep rocky cliffs of the Kwai Noi River. There is a cave with it called Tham Krasae. Used to be the residence of the prisoners of war when the railway was built Nowadays, there is a Buddha image to worship. Or going to hide from the sun is cool

You can walk along the railway that is built into a narrow path, one side is a mountain, a very beautiful water, secretly excited a little while the train passes, and we stand in the middle of the bridge. Need to find a way to avoid the coming trains He has a place to hide. Not so scary Plus the train runs slowly

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9. Hellfire Pass

The last point, keep it as an option. For anyone who still has time Or if so, should arrange a trip to sleep overnight Because it is about 40 kilometers from Krasae Cave… Hellfire Pass may be called the end of the Death Railway. There is a museum to see the story of its construction. Death Railway The life of the prisoners And Asian workers The presentation is very interesting, the main thing is free admission (with air conditioning), open from 9 am – 4 pm.

After entering the entrance, walk to look at the Death Railway. Rather shady with bamboo trees Below is an old railway, but there are no tracks and trains running. Adjusted to a stone walkway Anyone who wears thin shoes has a bit of difficulty walking. Continue along the way, not far away, about 300 meters to reach the Hellfire Pass area. It is a point that cuts a rocky mountain into a channel to build a railway. It is said that this area is the most difficult to construct. Digging all day and night in the hot weather, there is no shortage of equipment, both water and food. Relying on the light of the torch during the night Will see a red light, it is called the Hellfire. Or in English, Hellfire Pass, all in just 12 weeks!

Souvenir shop Kanchanaburi

Before going home, we need to have a few souvenirs to bring to relatives, elders or close friends.

  • Glass Souvenir Shop It is an old souvenir shop It is known for a long time. Who came to Kan Often have to stop and buy And stop to taste tamarind juice Chilled roselle juice that is offered for free tasting.
Fresh Thong Muan
  • Port vermicelli factory 

Port Vermicelli Factory Address roadside Saeng Chu To It is also a souvenir distribution center. In addition to vermicelli There are also products in the form of noodles, noodles, noodles. Including various desserts

Vermicelli port
Zarim, a royal family
  • Wimon Shop

I recommend going to the third branch because it is a food and souvenir center. One very large area of ​​Kanchanaburi. There are a wide variety of products such as young coconut pie, banana dessert, taro dessert, pumpkin dessert, tamarind dessert, crispy Thong Muan, fresh golden mango, compote, Foi Thong cake, etc.

Young Coconut Jelly
Young Coconut Pie