9 places to view the sunrise, the most beautiful in Thailand, let’s go and travel!

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Until the end of the year My body is getting tired. Want to change the resting place to look at the beautiful view Wake up in the new year in the midst of a very cool atmosphere! Travel ufabet welcomes the new era. By taking you to immerse yourself in the first light of 2020 with  9 most beautiful sunrise viewpoints in Thailand 

1. Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai Province

The first light of the new day and the new year Let’s start to touch the summit of Doi Inthanon, the highest point of Siam, measured 2,565 meters from the middle sea level. At this height Thus, when looking down, you will see a lush green forest Hiding under the sea of ​​mist In the cold weather As he said, the higher the colder and if the temperature is negative There will be a mother who appears to take pictures together.

2. Kew Mae Pan, Chiang Mai Province

Another viewpoint to view the sunrise In the Doi Inthanon National Park area It is no different. Kew Mae Pan  Nature Trail,  Lak Km. 42, Parking Area At this point, you can see the sunrise with a panoramic view.

Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail There is a walking distance of 3 kilometers, both in the forest and the mountain ridge. The pathway will be in a circle divided into 4 parts. The first part is the rainforest. The second phase will be a vast field. The third phase is going to walk across the ridge. And at the end of the day it will go back to the forest.

3. Mon Yun Lai, Mae Hong Son Province

Mon Yun Lai,  a viewpoint on a high mountain Characterized by the Chinese style name Located in Pai. Passing Santichon village for about 3 kilometers on the viewpoint of the sea of ​​mist, Yun Lai. Overlooking Pai town And the fog that has gathered in lumps flows like a river in the valley of Pai Beautifully

Most tourists will travel up to the misty sea viewpoint, flowing around 5:30 am to get fresh air in the morning. And wait to see the first rays of the sun Above the observation deck, there is a consumption pond that flows into the bottom of the mountain. There is a photo corner like Yun Lai Scenic Area Signboard and 100 Places of Love Including a pavilion for sitting in the morning view

4. Pha Chana Dai, Pha Taem National Park Ubon Ratchathani Province

Want to see the sunrise before anyone else You have to stand on Pha Chanadai in Pha Taem National Park. Located in the east end of Thailand. In Khong Chiam district Ubon Ratchathani Province It looks like a cliff that extends to the wind on a high place. Covered with two pine forests In front of the mountains in Laos That is arranged in a different way The scenery below is the Mekong River that divides the Thai-Laos border and Pha Chana Dai is also a point where the Meteorological Department calculates the country’s rising sun

5. Yod Phu Ruea, Phu Ruea National Park, Loei Province

The summit of Phu Ruea  is the highest point in the district. Phu Ruea National Park, Loei Province is about 1,365 meters above sea level. A steep cliff The surrounding area is covered with black forest. Both two pine and three pine. Alternating with natural stone terraces You have to walk up the hill from Pha Lon Noi for about 700 meters. It is cold all year round. The surrounding view will see a sea of ​​white mist enveloping the mountains and large and a view point to view the sunrise. Another impressive one. In addition, there are other attractions in the park, such as Pha Lon Noi, Huai Toei Waterfall, Pali Hin Phan, Khan Mak, etc.

6. Phu Chi Fa, Chiang Rai Province

Phu Chi Fa  , Chiang Rai Province,  is one of the most beautiful viewpoint of the sea of ​​mist and sunrise in Thailand. It is about 1,628 meters above sea level and looks like a sharp peak pointing to the sky. Even when the sun is rising between the top of the mountain Will look like a tiger holding a glass The cliff is a long line extending to the Lao side. In winter, it gets cold and touches the heart.

7. Doi Pha Tang, Chiang Rai Province

Doi Pha Tang  is approximately 1,800 meters above sea level. It is the top of the mountain in the Luang Prabang mountains. Is a Thai-Laos border Located about 30 kilometers from Phu Chi Fa, Doi Pha Tang is  considered one of the most beautiful viewpoints for sunrise and sunset. The local people who live in this area are the Hmong and Yao Chinese, who are mainly agricultural professionals. Growing winter crops such as plum, peach, pear, apples and tea are one of the colors of the indigenous culture. 

8. Doi Mae Ra Meng, Tak Province

Doi Mae Ra Meng is located in Mae Moei National Park, Tak Province, worth visiting and not as far away as other sea mist viewing spots. Every morning before dawn, wait to see the sunrise and the sea of ​​mist, can be viewed 180 degrees, the best viewpoint is at Mon Kiew Lom viewpoint Is on a height of 940 meters above sea level See the peaks of various heights Emerged in the fog, looks like a big island in the middle of the white sea The surrounding forest is a rainforest. Cool weather all year round Before returning to visit the Karen Village 200 years as a bonus, I will know why the people in the middle of the mountains have never moved for 200 years

9. Samet Nangshe Viewpoint, Phang Nga Province

Thank you picture from:  Amazingthaitour

Change the atmosphere from the mountains Let’s see the sunrise by the sea The Nang Shee Viewpoint, Phang Nga Province, is located on a hill in Klong Khian Sub-district Takua Thung District It is an unseen viewpoint. That we could see the sun gradually Emerging from the horizon Inserted up between the limestone mountains and large And also overlooking Phang Nga Bay Can see the sky and mountain stream as far as the eye can see