Check out 6 places to wish for love all over Asia, this event must be broken!

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This work, the beam must be broken! Singles follow us to see 6 places of blessing for love across ufabet Asia that are rumored to be sacred.

1.Longshan temple, Taiwan

The spiritual center of Taiwan  Reputed to be very holy In regard to praying for love  Because there is a god Old Chandra Jin’s god of love , many of whom went to pray and pray It was the same sound that Really got a couple back

How to make a wish

1. Light the incense at the seven incense burners. Starting from the pot of Guanyin Goddess Continue to the Tien Kong incense burner. After that walk inside To pay respect from right to left, the god Bun Xiang incense burner> Thep Sui Chiang incense burner> Ruby Goddess incense burner> Zhu Sheng god incense burner And ended at the Censer, God Tao Moon

2. When the seventh incense burner is lit Which is located in front of Chao Thep Tao Chandra Shrine Tell us the date of birth, first-last name, address and the type of the desired spouse

3. Ask for a red thread from you By throwing the siaeng stick upside down 3 times upside down until you can pick up 1 red thread

4. Take the red thread to the right 3 times on the incense burner. According to the belief that the red thread To bind people who are our soulmate Let’s meet

5. After walking completely, go to the front of the shrine and tell us the date of birth, name-surname, address, and pray again, ending the ceremony.

6. Bring red thread to carry around in the bag. Will find the soulmate as requested

How to get there: Take the  MRT blue line to Longshan temple station, exit 1 exit, turn right, follow the signs for no more than 5 minutes to reach Longshan Temple.

2. Wang Da Xian Temple, Hong Kong

Inside Wang Dasian Temple was the Red Thread God or the  Luo Jade God.  It is very famous for asking for a soulmate, which is to make a wish with this god that requires a red thread to tie your fingers so that it doesn’t fall off during the ceremony. Because the Chinese believe that the red thread is the link of fate in love This can be done by both singles and couples.Single people will be wishing to find a soulmate, while those who have a partner will help them to have strong and longevity

We can see a golden statue of the Jade Lou standing holding a soulmate book in the middle. On the left is a statue of the bride. On the right is a statue of the groom. There was a red thread tied to the Jade Luo God.

How to make a wish (during the ceremony Be careful not to let the red thread slip.)

For women:  Pay homage to the Lord Buddha 3 times> Walk towards the bride statue> Pray for the couple at the bride> Finish 3 times> Walk to the bridegroom statue> Use your hand on the groom’s feet 3 times * Be careful not to The hand is dropped.> After that, you can let go of the hand.

For men:  Pay homage to the Lord Buddha 3 times> walk towards the bridegroom statue> pray for the couple at the bridegroom> finish 3 times> go to the bride statue> rub your hand on the bride’s feet 3 times> then give You can let go of the hand.> Tie the red thread on the string and you’re done

Getting there: Take the  MTR and get off at Wong Tai Sin Station Exit B2.

3. Tokyo Daichingu Shrine, Japan

Many people believe Tokyo Shrine Daijingu, where the god of love resides. Thus making it a popular shrine for singles. Who often come to pray for love and fulfill their wishes, especially during Valentine And the Tanabata Festival, the ladies stood in line, almost overflowing with the shrine.

There are more than 40 types of amulets at this shrine, and more than half are all about love, such as “love bell”, “happy love”, “love for fulfillment”, etc.

How to make a wish, start by bowing at the entrance. Then wash your hands with water Then walked in Bend in front of the shrine again, donate 5 yen, bend 2 times, clap your hands twice, and bend one more time to finish the ceremony.

Access : Take the subway Oedo Line to Iidabashi Station, walk for about 7 minutes to reach the shrine.

4. Imato Jinja Shrine (Twin Cat Shrine), Japan

Imato Jinja Shrine or Twin Cat Shrine Located in Ya Asakusa, Tokyo, famous for praying for love. So we saw a pair of cat symbols filled with temples inside and out. In which the Japanese believe that if they come to pay homage and make a wish Will find the soulmate that satisfies As for lovers, if they come to pay respect, they will love each other for a long time.

How to make a wish begins with washing hands, throwing 5 yen coins to cast a fortune, a cute cat. And finish with writing a wooden plaque wishing the image of a beckoning cat Finished and can be tied

How to get there: Take the subway Asakusa Line and get off at Asakusa Station, walk for another 14 minutes to reach the shrine.

5. Kuan Yin Goddess Temple, Singapore

Goddess of Mercy Temple It is believed that if going to make a wish will be fulfilled It is therefore not surprising if you will see many crowds queuing up to pray in the temple And if you believe in superstitions Siimsi at this temple is reputed to be extremely accurate.

The first thing that draws the attention of tourists is the handsome statue of the Bodhisattva Buddha. In addition to the sacredness that attracts people to make a wish for love. The temple is also a beautiful temple with colorful Chinese carvings and dazzling patterns. Other than that Believers can join the liturgy held every Saturday night from 8:00 pm onwards, or if someone is not comfortable, they can write their name, gender, date of birth and age on pink paper. Then bring it to the official to perform the ceremony on Saturday as well.

Getting there: Paya Lebar MRT Station, Exit A

6. Ye Haiqing Temple, Singapore

The oldest Taoist temple in Singapore, anyone who wants to fulfill love, is recommended to pay homage to the god ‘Elder of Moon’ by using a red thread. We will pray at the gods and make wishes for the love that those who come to worship are worthy. Many hope Until the temple received a check It is dubbed “The Love Temple”. In addition, within the temple there are other gods who pray for prayers, such as the gods about asking for children. And gods about asking for stories Success in education

Getting there: Subway MRT Raffles Place Station Exit D